Do You Even Polo, Bro? Read This Before Heading to Empire Polo Fields

Quintan Valles Gives Us an Inside Look at These Activities

Written By: Quintan Valles
Photographed By: Rachel Hoops polo lessons

This activity is a little challenging. Not only because of the hand-eye coordination equestrian polo requires, but mostly because you are riding a giant animal while trying to hit a ball between two posts—not easy! But the feeling of being on that horse is unlike any other. “This will change your life forever,” says polo instructor Jessica Bailey. “As soon as you get out there and start feeling confident and start having that connection with the horse running down the field, you’re going to get hooked.” Try to relax, as the horse can sense your tension and will be less likely to follow your lead. It also helps to have a sturdy pair of shoes with some kind of heel to prevent any slipping in the stirrups of the saddle. After that, just grab the reins, let the horse do the work and have some fun with it!


Empire Polo Club
Do’s and Don’ts

– Do pretend like you’re in England.
-Do keep your gear organized.
– Do wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.
– Don’t be nervous.


Bet You Didn’t Know

– Polo was invented 2,500 years ago.
– Polo can only be played with your right hand.
– Polo is played professionally in 16 countries.
– The uniform includes an equestrian helmet, riding boots and white trousers.

Native Knowledge: This top-notch polo facility is the same venue for the Coachella Music Festival. Whether your head-banging or polo-trotting, these grounds should be a must on your places to visit in the desert.

Empire Polo Club
81-800 Ave 51
Indio, CA 92201

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