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What to Watch While Quarantined

Written By: Erik Hale Netflix Shows to Binge


1 | Schitt’s Creek Netflix Shows to Binge

Tomatometer: 92
Episodes: 78
Total Hours to Complete: A solid 3-4 days.
Grade: A+
Binge Level: Back to back missing sleep.
One Sentence Synopsis: a billionaire family loses everything and moves to a small town motel where they find each other.



2 | Mindhunter Netflix Shows to Binge

Tomatometer: 98
Episodes: 19
Total Hours to Complete: 19 hours
Grade: A –
Binge Level: First season is addictive, second is amazing!
One Sentence Synopsis: A Law & Order vibe circa Detective Vincent D’Onofrio where the team of FBI detectives try to find out what makes serial killers tick by interviewing them.


3 | The Good Place Netflix Shows to Binge

Tomatometer: 98
Episodes: 52
Total Hours to Complete: 2-3 days
Grade: A+
Binge Level: How fast can you hit play next episode? It will be tested.
One Sentence Synopsis: Ted Danson greets Kristen Bell and pals in heaven…or does he.

4 | The End Of The F***ing World

Tomatometer: 93
Episodes: 16
Total Hours to Complete: 12
Grade: A
Binge Level: Depends how much you love teen angst and murder.
One Sentence Synopsis: If Mickey and Mallory were 16 years old and British without the violent streak.


5 | Stranger Things

Tomatometer: 93
Episodes: 25
Total Hours to Complete: 2 days
Grade: A +
Binge Level: Let’s just say it will turn your schedule upside down.
One Sentence Synopsis: Stand By Me, set in the 80’s with aliens.


6 | Black Mirror

Tomatometer: 83
Episodes: 23
Total Hours to Complete: 2 days
Grade: A
Binge level and one sentence synopsis combines: I can’t stop watching this modern day Twilight Zone while thinking the government is watching.


7 | Trailer Park Boys

Tomatometer: 89
Episodes: 79
Total Hours to Complete: 5 days
Grade: A –
Binge Level: High, but you can only handle so much comedic despair.
One Sentence Synopsis: Every episode of cops combined into one Canadian sitcom.


8 | The Twilight Zone

Tomatometer: 82 but much higher without season 4. You can skip.
Episodes: 159
Total Hours to Complete: 3 weeks
Grade: A+
Binge Level: Can you binge this long without going blind, gonna try.
One Sentence Synopsis: Pure genius is rarely duplicated and this Rod Serling show is still holding water.