Best 420 Events Los Angeles
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11 Los Angeles Experiences for a Naturally High 4/20

Feel on Top of the World—or at Least LA—With These 11 Natural Ways to Spend 4/20

Local lore traces the renowned date of April 20 to a group of Northern California high schoolers in the early 1970s. This crew, dubbed the “Waldos,” would gather at 4:20 p.m. to indulge in their favorite after-school “activity”—a daily ritual that was swiftly translated to the corresponding numerical date—now colloquially known as 4/20 or 420. How to Spend 420 in LA

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While many still honor the tradition, Los Angeles offers a myriad of alternative highs for those seeking a different kind of experience. There’s never a shortage of ways to see stars in LA: one can opt for a rejuvenating escape into nature with picturesque hikes or ocean adventures, indulge in a virgin drink at curated dry bars, or relax with a spa treatment at one of the city’s many blissful destinations. With these diverse alternatives, Los Angeles invites all to celebrate 4/20 in new and exciting ways, embracing a buzz that goes beyond traditional cannabis culture.


Start a New Morning Ritual at Coffee & Chill

What do coffee, ice baths and saunas have in common? According to Coffee & Chill, this combination is the key to a good morning among good friends. Every Sunday morning in Venice, an assortment of fearless individuals gather to sip freshly brewed coffee while taking the brave leap into freezing cold ice baths. We all know coffee has the capacity to make us high—and so does the adrenaline from a dip in a chilly pool—yet the immersion into an ice bath takes endorphins to a whole new level. Coffee & Chill endeavors to build camaraderie under the sunshine and into a cold plunge—resulting in a collective euphoria. As if that weren’t reason enough to get you out of bed on a weekend morning, an ice bath is known to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. For updates on Coffee & Chill’s upcoming Venice events, be sure to follow their Instagram and TikTok.

Location: Venice

How to Spend 420 in LA

Wind Down at Wi Spa

Situated between two parks near downtown Los Angeles, Wi Spa invites you to relax as Koreans do. With its array of hot and cold tubs, dry and steam saunas and many spa treatments, Wi Spa caters to both relaxation seekers and health enthusiasts alike. Separated into floors for men and women, the spa features five signature sauna rooms—bulgama, salt, clay, jade and ice. The therapeutic benefits extend beyond just pampering, as the saunas detoxify and rejuvenate the body while the hot and cold tubs promote circulation and muscle relaxation. Friends and family can share the spa experience in the Jimjilbang, the co-ed area that is the traditional center of a Korean spa. When you’ve achieved serenity, or perhaps when you’re feeling the munchies, head to the 24-hour restaurant for some LA galbi and spicy rice cakes. The spa’s holistic approach nurtures not only physical wellness but also mental tranquility, providing a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Location: Downtown Los Angeles


Enjoy a Runner’s High With Venice Run Club

Best 420 Events Los Angeles
Credit: Grace Wilson (@bygracewilson)

What began as a mental respite from the pandemic became a collective buzz for the two runners who started the Venice Run Club. Now with 1000+ joggers in its fold, this club provides a fantastic way to stay in shape and feel that runner’s high—all while giving back to the community. Venice Run Club has donated over $143,000 and 2,000 lbs of clothing to those in need within the Los Angeles community. Consider joining the club for a run on 4/20—there is no charge and all are welcome! The club offers 6 and 10-mile options for Saturday mornings, both starting at 8:30 a.m. at the 2150 Dell Ave parking lot in Venice. How to Spend 420 in LA

Location: Venice


Find Your Breath at Open

Set in a modern studio in Venice—think wood panels, warm lights, ample mats and soothing soundscapes—Open invites guests to transform the brain and body through their many guided meditation experiences. Open is a sanctuary for holistic wellness, combining four elements—breathwork, meditation, movement and sound—as a way to elevate mind, body and spirit. Led by skilled and experienced facilitators, the Breathwork class quiets the mind and grounds the body. Rhythmic breathing techniques tap into the body’s innate antidotes, releasing emotions and showing the way toward mental clarity. If energizing the mind is more your speed, then join a Power class for explosive plyometric movement or a Flow class for a whole-body workout. And if you can’t make it to the studio, you can access Open’s immersive classes through their digital app.

Location: Venice


Find Relaxation at Ease Spa

Naturally High 4/20
Credit: Syd

Located in the seaside community of Hermosa Beach, Ease Spa is all about natural rejuvenation. Their menu is short and sweet, offering three treatments that are designed for tranquility: a quick scalp, neck and shoulder massage; a longer lymphatic drainage facial; and an even longer session that includes eye patches, a mask and moisturizer. As clients sink into plush massage chairs, skilled therapists work their magic, kneading away tension and stress from the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. Paired with aromatic oils and gentle techniques, the scalp massages soothe senses while promoting deep relaxation in about the same amount of time a session with the Waldos would. How to Spend 420 in LA

Location: Hermosa Beach



Get High with Sunset Flights

Based out of the San Gabriel Valley Airport, Sunset Flights will have you soaring like an eagle on their aerial experience over Los Angeles. Getting high is what this crew is all about, taking passengers about 10,000 ft off the ground, with views of legendary landmarks across the city. You’ll peer into Dodger Stadium, see the Griffith Observatory and fly over the iconic Hollywood Sign. From this elevated vantage point, passengers will truly appreciate the city’s vibrant energy, all while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of a West Coast sunset. Whether your 4/20 turns into a romantic rendezvous, or you’re up for a more thrilling flight with friends, Sunset Flights offers quick 45-minute trips, from take off to touch down, with both sunset and twilight options.

Location: El Monte


Jet Ski from Long Beach to Catalina Island

Best 420 Events Los Angeles
Credit: Jetski2Catalina

If you’re up for a full day on the ocean, embark on an unforgettable adventure with Jet Ski To Catalina. Start the day in Long Beach, where you’ll be outfitted with a Jet Ski and guided into  open waters toward Catalina Island. This all-day adventure is led by professionals who will give you the opportunity to glide alongside dolphins, catch glimpses of whales and sunfish, and plunge into crystal-clear waters for snorkeling. Once at Catalina Island, riders relax under the sun and explore Avalon, the island’s main enclave before the return voyage home. With all-inclusive pricing and equipment included, Jet Ski To Catalina promises an epic and exhilarating excuse to get off your couch and spend a day on the water.

Location: Long Beach, Catalina Island

Naturally High 4/20

Find Your Zen at The Calming Spot

Just off Santa Monica Blvd, The Calming Spot manifests calm with sound bath meditations. This 4/20 in LA, the studio is featuring a candlelit sound bath and healing meditation class intended to introduce deeper states of relaxation—the natural way. As participants recline amid flickering candlelight and the mesmerizing tones of crystal singing bowls, they are guided on a journey, ultimately discovering peak relaxation and gentle mindfulness. The rhythmic sounds that dance across the studio will wash over attendees, dissolving tension and aligning energies. Seasoned teachers help push guests to delve into their consciousness, driving clarity and emotional balance in the process. The benefits of sound baths and meditation extend beyond the session itself, as regular practice fosters stress reduction, improved sleep, heightened creativity and enhanced well-being. How to Spend 420 in LA

Location: Santa Monica


Hike Stoddard Canyon Falls 

Perched alongside Mount Baldy on the far east border of the city, Stoddard Canyon Falls beckons avid hikers with its rugged landscape and tranquil waterfall oasis. The hike to this hidden gem begins with a scenic trek through a lush forest, where the soothing sounds of nature accompany every step. As hikers traverse the winding trail, they’re met with breathtaking vistas and the invigorating scent of green—the resinous scent of pine, that is. Visitors are rewarded with a refreshing respite when they arrive at the secluded swimming hole and cascading waterfall. The flowing waters invite climbers to take a plunge and cool off from the heat. This 1.25-mile hike takes only 15-20 minutes to complete, yet the sensation of bathing under a waterfall will last much longer.

Location: Mount Baldy


Cure Your Cravings at El Munchies

For most of us, getting “the munchies” simply means being awake long enough to feel our tummies rumble. And yet it’s common knowledge that El Munchies in Glendale is the perfect joint to indulge in sober cravings this 4/20. Offering unique concoctions that span sweet, savory and salty flavor profiles, while also mixing in delectable textures, El Munchies has the cure for any appetite. The menu has flair, including crunchy snack favorites like Doritos and Takis, savory additions like Mexican-style street corn, and finishes on the sweet side with churros and ice cream. Also, with both take-out and delivery options available until 1 a.m., El Munchies is the perfect place to indulge in late-night temptations.

Location: Glendale

Naturally High 4/20

Sip Mocktails at STAY

Credit: Jen Rosenstein

Located within the vibrant streets of LA’s Chinatown, STAY classifies itself as a zero-proof cocktail lounge, featuring creative non-alcoholic libations. An ornate facade invites you into a lounge full of delicious detail—vibrant earth and jewel tones with gilded details of Chinese artwork, transporting you to an otherworldly setting—one where you won’t miss the spirits. The menu is inspired by China’s cultural heritage, dedicating each of their signature mocktails to an animal from the Chinese zodiac calendar. All of the ingredients are meticulously curated, showcasing the art of mixology without one drop of booze. Whether you’re in the mood to savor the refreshing zest of The Tiger or immerse yourself in the exotic allure of The Goat, each sip of these delectable, zero-proof drinks promises bold and exciting flavors. Dark, sexy, elegant and chic—this place is certain to bring on a contact high. How to Spend 420 in LA

Location: Chinatown

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