Keep Your Eyes Wide Open for These 5 Hot Spots in OC

Mariel Ahorro Helps Us See Clearly 

Name: Mariel Ahorro Huntington Beach Optician
Job Title: Optician at Vitra Eyewear
Resident of: Huntington Beach
Local Living: 15 years


“It’s such an honor to have the chance to not only help someone see the clearest they ever have, but also help them get a little boost of confidence and happiness in their everyday life.”


Boho Boutique Finds

I love going to Stitch and Feather! I’m like a kid in a candy store looking through all of the beautifully curated pieces with that cool California feel. They have the cutest clothes, shoes, oil perfumes and even kitchen towels and greeting cards!


Island Escape Huntington Beach Optician

Going to Catalina Island makes me feel like I’m in a small seaside town in Italy! There is such a gorgeous view when you’re about to pull up to the harbor, being surrounded by the ocean and seeing all the boats and houses along the cliffs. They have cute little shops and restaurants all over town; a must is Descanso Beach Club where they have a restaurant/bar right on the sand and other fun activities like giant water floaters and ziplining.


Grab the Chopsticks!

Tabu Shabu is my go-to spot for a healthy, comforting and delicious meal. There are so many kinds of meats, vegetables and broth bases to choose from—not to mention all their dipping sauces. I usually get the Wagyu Chuck Roll and get them to mix the Sukiyaki broth and Spicy Miso—with extra veggies please! Pro tip: ask about their porridge!

Nature’s Best Huntington Beach Optician

I discovered the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve during quarantine last summer, and it’s been my happy place ever since! The Brightwater Trailhead takes you through a gorgeous hidden path adorned with flowers and trees that eventually opens up to the vast wetlands that are home to exotic birds. Sometimes I even get to walk alongside schools of fish that randomly jump out of the water!


Seeing Clearly

My favorite part about working at Vitra Eyewear, aside from the wonderful relationships we’ve made with our clients through the years, is when our customers’ faces light up the moment we find the perfect pair of glasses! We truly have an amazing collection of luxury eyewear that fits all types of looks, needs and lifestyles.


3 Pairs of Sunglasses I Love: 

-Dealan by Jacques Marie Mage
-Zelda by Mykita
-Micro Round by Dita


We Are Family

I love that even though Orange County is quite large, there’s still the comfort of community everywhere you go! Everyone is willing to stop for a quick chat or offer to help. That’s how we are here at Vitra Eyewear. We’re like family, and we treat everyone that comes through our doors as a member too!


Vitra Eyewear
3333 Bear St, Ste 153
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Photographed By: Lily Fassnacht 

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