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Owner of Bloom & Plume Shares His Local LA Happy Spots

Here’s What’s Blooming in the Neighborhood 

Name: Maurice Harris

Credit: Bloom & Plume Coffee

Job Title: Owner of Bloom & Plume, Co-Owner of Bloom & Plume Coffee
Resident of: Los Angeles
Local Living: 20 years

EXP 5/27


3 Favorite Items at Bloom & Plume Coffee:

– The Chagaccino
– Honey lavender lemonade
– Egg sandwich with salami


Revamp Your Look

Union is a Black-owned shop on La Brea Ave. that curates really beautiful menswear from both big and small designers. The shop embraces the creativity of fresh designers within LA and continues to hunt for cool items and trends coming out of countries like Japan and the UK. I spend way too much money here, and I enjoy every second of it.


Dig In Bloom & Plume

Porridge and Puffs is my favorite place to eat in Los Angeles. Founder Minh Phan is a culinary genius. You can’t go wrong here. All of the sweet or savory bowls are seasonally-inspired and topped with grains, puffs and proteins. I love the porridge and the puffs!


Moment of Relaxation

When I need a staycation, I just stay inside my home and turn off my phone. But if I absolutely need to get away, Hotel Covell in East Hollywood is my favorite spot. This independent boutique hotel is all about luxury and comfort, and it feels like a home away from home.


The Great (LA) Outdoors

Credit: Tomás Sala / Unsplash

I’m not about to give away any secrets, but I will say the hike up Commonwealth in Griffith Park is absolutely stunning. This route will guide you through one of the park’s little-known sanctuaries, while giving you magnificent views of the LA.


Supporting Friends

YouTube video

My friend Bephie is doing an incredible job curating and collaborating with such interesting people at Bephie’s Beauty Supply and Psychic Wines, and I’m always learning through her business about other cool Black-owned businesses and creatives around the city. Psychic Wines offers a great monthly subscription to natural wines.


Bloom & Plume Coffee
1638 W Temple St
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Photography Provided By: Cara Zozula / The Bouqs Co.

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