From Dirt to Dinner Dates, This Ken Grody Upgraded Ford Raptor Does It All

KG Custom Can Take Your Car From Dirt by Day to Date by Night

Written By: Jamee Lind
Photographed By: Akin Odebunmi
Models: Katie Bozner and Jeremy Grinacoff of Brand Model & Talent Agency Custom Ford Raptor

Sitting in your office parking lot Monday morning, spotted with the mud and the toils of the weekend, is your customized Ford Raptor. You’re obviously upset about the dirt, but you can’t be brought down too far when you know what lies underneath that dried inch of sand. Your only actual worry is getting it cleaned before your dinner date later on tonight.

But again, you know that the dirt can be managed; your expectations, however, cannot. When you’re trucking through the dirty bliss of an open California backroad, or zooming past the city lights of downtown, you need a vehicle as diverse and complex as yourself. You already know that the factory presets of a modern-day truck inhibit your free-flowing lifestyle and limit the travel capabilities of both you and your vehicle. That’s why you went with a customized KG Custom Ford Raptor in the first place, to hint at how bold you actually are as compared to those around you.

A customized Ford Raptor is considered “the best truck in the market,” according to Ruben Pina, General Manager at KG Custom. Built for both athletes and other high-end professionals, Pina notes that this is a car no one is going to be able to not notice, and that’s exactly what you’re going to need to impress your date tonight—just cleaned up a little first.

“In the social way we live, it’s a car that really pulls to our attention,” Pina said, furthering on about how their Ford Raptor caters to the needs of every high-end driver. From cold air intakes to customizable brakes, the KG Custom design brings its clients the ultimate horsepower. “You have function, aesthetics and aggressive styling,” said Pina. “Contractors, construction workers, athletes, guys that want to go surfing—it’s the best, all-around getaway truck.”

The car wash is squeezed in after your last meeting, something you were never too worried about in the first place. You are a little worried about how the date will go, but more excited to see what’s in store for the night, with your freshly cleaned customized Ford Raptor making it a much smoother ride (and first impression).

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