LA’s First Flower Truck Brings Florals and Inspiration to the Community

LA’s First Mobile Flower Shop Has the Sweetest Blooms in the City

Written By: Nicole Jeffries
Photographed By: Jayme Burrows LENITA by GRITA

Chances are, you’ve spotted the LENITA flower truck, drawing attention with its bold, dark text juxtaposed against the soft, pastel pink backdrop––striking, yet modest. LENITA founder and GRITA owner Nemuel DePaula carries a deep affinity for the arts and dreamed of making beauty and joy accessible throughout Los Angeles. With this vision and his little pink truck, DePaula hit the road, determined to help LA’s vibrant community “stop and smell the flores.”

What started as a creative outlet flourished into something much deeper. With this new venture came the opportunity to bring local artists together, forging a sense of community and highlighting the importance of connection. While patrons can expect an assortment of freshly cut floral arrangements, LENITA also offers ceramic pots, jewelry, candles, photography and more––all originated by local artists. “The fusion of the floral business and art is a natural one,” states DePaula. There’s something honest and true about supplying beauty in its most natural form––whether it’s plucked straight from the earth or drummed up into existence by the soul of an artist.

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When asked about his line of work, DePaula beams, “I do it for the smirks. For the passersby who see the truck for the first time and can’t help but smile.” And what a unique and fulfilling position to be in––to have a hand in what just might be the best part of someone’s day. DePaula has shared beauty and joy with a variety of individuals from all walks of life. “Without LENITA, I would have never had the chance to interact with these people,” DePaula acknowledges, as he discusses the power of community and connecting with one another.

LENITA’s most recent collaboration is with a local artist who’s curating the fragrance for a limited edition candle. The month of May marks the anniversary for LENITA, and it is one that is rich in history and intention. Four years ago, DePaula unveiled his truck on Mother’s Day—in honor of his mother, Lenita.

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