Limited-Edition Mercedes
Credit: German Tuning Corporation

With 750 Horsepower, This Limited-Edition Mercedes Is a Car Collector’s Dream

Introducing the BRABUS 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition “1 of 25”

Among things a person can do in three seconds include: tie a shoelace, give a hug, walk 12 feet—or sprint a super-roadster from 0-100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. Elegant, functional and extraordinarily fast, the BRABUS 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition “1 of 25” makes a powerful debut, at once honoring its maker and harnessing true innovation. Part of the Mercedes-Benz family, this sophisticated open-top roadster is as exclusive as it gets—only 25 units exist worldwide. Imagine a universe where luxury cars rule the runway and you might begin to understand the world where this limited-edition vehicle resides. Join us for a test drive as we tell you more about this masterpiece and the illustrious man who inspired it. 

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Based on a Legend

Limited-Edition Mercedes
Credit: German Tuning Corporation

Founded in 1977 by then-20-something Bodo Buschmann, BRABUS is a German high-performance aftermarket tuning company that specializes in customizing and enhancing luxury vehicles, primarily from the Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach brands. The BRABUS emblem has become synonymous with exclusive automotive modifications, luxury upgrades and impressive power enhancements. With a strong global presence, the company’s customizations are sought after by high-end car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Under Buschmann’s leadership, BRABUS gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance and luxury—a brand unafraid to lean in hard on exclusivity. The company’s tuning packages often feature increased horsepower, custom bodywork, upgraded interiors and other personalized modifications. Based on the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 platform, the BRABUS 750 is a tribute to the spirit of this visionary founder and the legacy of automotive excellence he left behind.


Ultimate Exterior

Limited-Edition Mercedes
Credit: German Tuning Corporation

Not even four decades in the business could alter Buschmann’s color preference for a car. An all-black scheme is a signature BRABUS design, and the BRABUS 750 Bodo Buschmann holds true to tradition. Beyond the brilliant gloss, the onyx-colored roadster maintains its distinctive visage with carbon elements that the brand is known for, such as the front fascia, front spoiler and radiator grill. With elegance and functionality at the forefront of the BRABUS philosophy, these facade features reduce lift at the front axles at high speeds. Additional enhancements include carbon fiber front fender attachments on the car’s sides, as well as an understated carbon fiber rear spoiler and a custom-made rear diffuser on its sporty backside.


Sonic Soundscape

Credit: German Tuning Corporation

With high performance leading the charge, the BRABUS 750 boasts a sophisticated stainless-steel exhaust system outfitted with actively controlled butterfly valves that can be adjusted for discretion or showmanship. Slide into your driveway with the stealthy Coming Home mode or lock into the Sport setting to show your neighbors who’s boss. Optimized to reduce exhaust backpressure, the brand’s characteristic carbon/titanium quad-tailpipe design completes the signature look.

With its top speed unabashedly limited to 315 km/h, the BRABUS 750 displays its high-performance engineering through a 4.0-liter V8 engine, further equipped with two on-brand turbochargers. You know that sound you imagine in your dreams—the one where lightning-fast torque meets the pavement? That’s the rev of a BRABUS 750’s nine-speed automatic transmission commanding the Continental SportContact 7 performance tires to hit speed—at 900 Newton meters of torque.


Evolving Chassis

Credit: German Tuning Corporation

With an adjustable ride height up to 25 millimeters, thanks to custom BRABUS sports springs, the super-roadster is a master of maneuverability with its lower center of gravity. The acclaimed Monoblock II wheel design harkens back to BRABUS models from the late ‘80s—but this time with a reboot. High-tech forging technology and state-of-the-art CNC machining promise 21- and 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock II Evo Platinum Edition wheels that are strong, agile and surprisingly lightweight. Undeniably BRABUS, the three-spoke shadow chrome design brings attention to the calipers of the carbon-ceramic brake system—because there’s nothing better than actually witnessing hydraulic pressure convert into mechanical force. 


Impeccable Interior

Limited-Edition Mercedes
Credit: German Tuning Corporation

Did we mention Buschmann’s preference for an all-black car? Well, why stop at the exterior when there are so many interior appointments to be made! Executed throughout with the highest precision, everything on board—from the dashboard to the seats, the steering wheel and the sun visors—is quilted and embossed in black leather and carbon fiber. Even the all-black stitching and piping speak to Buschmann’s design aesthetic. The R-Sport quilting pattern and Heritage brand motif can be seen throughout, this time uniquely embossed with “77” signets in the cockpit—an homage to the company’s founding year. The BRABUS 750 Bodo Buschmann would not be complete without the actual signature of the man who inspired this supercar: Bodo Buschmann’s autograph, featured on the center console’s limited-edition badge, brings this epic roadster home.

The BRABUS 750 is a remarkable reincarnation that honors the legacy of Buschmann and his profound passion for automobiles. It goes beyond being a simple tribute—it represents a modern reimagining of the brand’s unique story. With a reputation built on commitment to quality craftsmanship, precision engineering and attention to detail, BRABUS lives another day to make the world’s best supercars—each unique in its class.

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