Credit: Mercedes-Benz
Credit: Mercedes-Benz

This All-Electric Mercedes-Benz Will Have You Trading in Your Keys ASAP

Gas Prices Are Soaring, so Now Is the Time to Invest in an Electric Car

With over 70 years of providing luxury cars to the SoCal community, Fletcher Jones Motorcars is the perfect place to purchase your next Mercedes-Benz. Located in the heart of Newport Beach, Fletcher Jones prides itself on serving the OC community as well as visitors from all around the nation. With the new fully electric Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan, now is your chance to come down and get a good look at your next dream electric car. This luxury, eco-friendly vehicle includes sport front seats, multiple charging options and all-electric architecture. Not only will you love driving it, but everyone will want to take a back seat. Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz


First of Their Kind

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

From the EQS to the EQE, one of the biggest reasons why we love the new fully electric Mercedes models is because these cars have been built entirely from the ground up with the sole intention of merging “progressive mobility with executive-class luxury,” says Eric Rosenthal of Fletcher Jones Motorcars, the nation’s No. 1 Mercedes-Benz center. Think of the new EQE sedan as a smaller version of the EQS. While both are visually and technologically similar, the EQE has less range and therefore a slightly lower price.


Unparalleled Range 

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

With gas prices soaring, many are starting to consider electric over gas-fueled vehicles, which is just another reason to take a peek at Mercedes-Benz’ newest electric models. The recently released EQS maintains an incredible range of 340 miles when fully charged. 

But if you’re searching for something slightly less, look no further than the EQE—it has a driving range of around 300 miles per charge. And with over 500,000 Me Charge stations located across 31 countries, Mercedes-Benz has the densest charging network available.

Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz

High-Tech Displays/Screens

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

High-tech displays and screens may be the new norm for the luxury car industry, but nothing matches the efficient and modern technology of the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen. In each model, the dash features three displays neatly integrated under a gorgeous, 56-inch curved glass screen, which is one of the largest internal displays to date. “Offering a door-to-door display, it is the next generation of driver and passenger engagement,” says Rosenthal. Both the EQS and EQE have wider and larger displays and touchscreen functions, making them a tech-lover’s dream car. While each of these high-tech displays is sophisticated and avant-garde, their ultramodern technologies take the cake.



Integrated Technology

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

To go with the dazzling displays, both the EQS and EQE are all issued with Level 3 autonomous driving technology, which is one of the few autopilot systems that does not require continuous driver supervision—a feat that virtually no other electric vehicle can claim. Additionally, each model adopts many coveted bells and whistles that most electric cars don’t have, such as augmented reality displays, adjustable regenerative braking and rear-axle steering, making these models the most technically proficient cars on the market. While each model may have the most updated multimedia systems available, each vehicle has different price points. The EQS starts at $103K and the EQE starts at $70K.

Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz

Classic Comfort 

As mentioned above, each model is equipped with autonomous driving services, which allow for a smoother and safe ride. While autonomous driving services are not uncommon in the electric vehicle market, Level 3 autonomous driving is currently the world’s most advanced autopilot system. “It’s a Level 3 ADAS that allows you to take your eyes off the road and let the car handle all the driving without continual supervision,” says Rosenthal. The EQS and EQE all have Level 3 self-driving tech, making Mercedes-Benz the first manufacturer to put Level 3 semi-autonomous driving in vehicles. In addition, the system uses artificial intelligence to assess situations surrounding the vehicle in real time, thus ushering in an essential step towards entirely self-driving vehicles.



Safety Features 

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

While the EQS and EQE may be the most technologically advanced cars on the market, these electric dream cars are also some of the safest. With 350 sensors monitoring each vehicle’s surroundings and state-of-the-art computing systems on board, these models impressively monitor distance, speed, acceleration, lighting conditions, precipitation and temperatures to keep the driver and passengers as safe as possible.


With style, safety and modern technology at hand, the EQS and EQE are the perfect options for your first (or next) electric car.

Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz

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