Photography By: Jsquared, Jared Schlachet + Joe Magnani 
Photography By: Jsquared, Jared Schlachet + Joe Magnani 

From Cassie Randolph to Kylie Jenner, Here’s How to Get These Iconic Celeb Looks

It’s Time to Pucker Those Lips and Fluff Up Those Brows

If you’re ready for a glow up but aren’t sure where to begin, Brow House in Newport Beach is the place to start. Permanent makeup may seem like a big step, but it’s actually not as much of a commitment as you might think. Unlike traditional tattooing, which is painful and lasts a lifetime, this treatment focuses only on the shallow layers of the skin by injecting pigments that will be broken down by the body over time. For inspiration, we’ve turned to three of the most gorgeous stars in showbiz. Read on to find out how you can master the looks of these 3 glam celebs.  Look like a celebrity


How to Get Cassie Randolph’s Perfect Lips 

If lips are your main priority, lip blush may be the move for you. Whether you want to enhance your natural lip color, define your lips with a semi-permanent liner or find a way to prevent your favorite lip color from rubbing off every day, this one’s for you. The options for lips are endless—nearly any lip color can be achieved by Brow House to give you the hue you want while using the same method to find a perfect balance of lip symmetry. And if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting lip filler, we may have found an alternative solution. “Most people’s lips are actually larger than they think,” says Brow House artist Pia Laing. “Especially when someone starts to lose pigment around the edges, it’ll make the lips appear smaller. People often end up not needing or wanting filler because [the color] just defines their shape better.”

Look like a celebrity

How to Get Mila Kunis’ Full Brows

Brows have taken on many shapes and sizes over the years, and if you’ve been struggling to find your signature look, Brow House is here to help. Microblading involves a very precise process, using tiny needles with semi-permanent pigments to mimic and supplement the existing brow hairs in order to create the ideal shape. The final effect lasts a year (on average) and eliminates the need to fill your brows in with makeup on a daily basis. Whether you crave a fuller shape or a higher arch, there’s a way to make your desired look work with your face. “[Trends] aren’t made for each person, so we do a brow map using the golden ratio to find the perfect shape for your bone structure, your features and the way your muscles move,” explains Laing. “Once we have that basic design, we can do almost anything—within reason.”


How to Get Kylie Jenner’s Perfect Eyeliner

Before committing to a full cat eye or dramatic winged liner, Laing suggests starting with lash-line enhancement. By adding some color into the lash line, the eyes appear more defined and the lashes fuller. Once you’ve decided on your ideal color and style for your eyeliner, Brow House is ready to make it a reality—all while keeping your natural features in the spotlight. “The idea is that someone could have the lips, liner and brows [done] and you’d never know,” Laing says. “They just look more awake and more like themselves. And that’s the goal.”

Look like a celebrity

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Photographed By: Jared Schlachet + Joe Magnani 

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