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Credit: Hailley Howard / Marrow Fine Jewelry
Credit: Hailley Howard / Marrow Fine Jewelry

Add Some Major Sparkle to Your Summer Look With These Pieces From Marrow Fine

Darling, It’s in the Details

Name: Jillian Sassone
Job Title: Founder and Creative Director of Marrow Fine Jewelry Collection

Credit: Hailley Howard / Marrow Fine Jewelry

“Fine jewelry reimagined” is what founder and creative director Jillian Sassone has created with Marrow Fine Jewelry. Founded in 2017, the brand has quickly grown and now boasts two brick-and-mortar stores—one in San Diego and another in Newport Beach. Marrow Fine is the jewelry brand of the moment as celebrities like Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad and Margot Robbie can be spotted with their Marrow Fine wedding bands. Here’s an inside look at seven of Sassone’s favorite pieces.

Local Insight: Sassone initially started Marrow Fine as a passion project after working in corporate America for 15 years. 

Marrow Fine Jewelry Collection

Til Death Enamel Ring


Credit: Hailley Howard / Marrow Fine Jewelry

“Enamel pieces always feel vintage to me, but somehow, the combination of the Old English text and the actual sentiment brings a bit of edge as well.”


Sky Blue Selene Cigar Band


Credit: Marrow Fine Jewelry

“Lately, I’ve been wearing chunkier and more metal-heavy designs—this design is the perfect mix of sparkle and substance.”

Marrow Fine Jewelry Collection

Dainty Diamond Choker


Credit: Marrow Fine Jewelry

“This choker is designed to add a little sparkle to any neckline; it also layers perfectly with chunkier chains or other chokers. The best part is, you never have to take it off.”

Local Insight: With reimagined designs and unexpected twists, Marrow Fine pieces are as timeless as they get. Whether you’re looking to redesign an existing piece or are in search of something brand new, this innovative brand creates jewelry that will last a lifetime. 

White Diamond Meridian Ear Cuff


Credit: Marrow Fine Jewelry

“Most ear cuffs tend to be daintier, but this 10-millimeter cuff is uniquely thick and features a row of white diamonds for extra sparkle. No piercing necessary either!”

Marrow Fine Jewelry Collection

Violet Chain Bracelet


Credit: Marrow Fine Jewelry

“I wear this chain bracelet almost every day and layer it with heavier diamond cuffs. It’s not overwhelming but adds a little something extra.”


Georgia Engagement Ring

Price varies depending on metal and carat weight 

“This was my 10-year anniversary gift—I loved the chunkier setting so much; it was inspired by Georgian-era jewelry, but I wanted it to also feel modern and timeless.”

Marrow Fine Jewelry Collection

Maxine Step Cut Stacker


Credit: Hailley Howard / Marrow Fine Jewelry

“The Maxine Step Cut Stacker design is a definite statement piece—the unique setting always garners attention and compliments. It’s a piece none of your friends will have but will definitely want to try on!”


Marrow Fine
Locations: Newport Beach and San Diego

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