Photography Provided By: Fletcher Jones Motorcars
Photography Provided By: Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Mercedes-Benz’ All-New 2021 S-Class Is the Best Luxury Car on the Road—Here’s Why

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Since 1972, perhaps no other vehicle has captured the spirit of speed, luxury and ingenuity better than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Iconic dark, sultry edges and a seriously palpable amount of power have made the S-Class the benchmark for top-tier luxury automobiles—the all-new 2021 model being no exception. Read on to discover why car aficionados like Eric Rosenthal of Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Mercedes-Benz of Newport Beach, the nation’s leading Mercedes-Benz dealership, calls Mercedes-Benz’ new 2021 S-Class the best luxury car on the road. Mercedes 2021 S Class


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Mercedes 2021 S Class

1 | A Clean Slate

Tucked neatly into the German countryside, Mercedes-Benz’ new state-of-the-art production facility, Factory 56, acts as a cunning homage to the brand’s desire to innovate and expand. And what better way to introduce this facility than by completely redesigning their flagship model within its walls? Thus, the 2021 S-Class was born: “The car, architecturally, is 100% new from the ground up,” says Rosenthal, Business Development Manager with Fletcher Jones, making this S-Class truly unprecedented.


2 | Speed Is Key

If there is one thing the S-Class never shies away from, its power. “For the first time ever, every 2021 S-Class model will come equipped with both turbos and electric motors, boosting output to nearly 500 (s500: 429bhp, s580: 496bhp) brake horsepower,” says Rosenthal. In addition, each model now comes standard equipped with Mercedes-Benz’ 4MATIC® all-wheel drive technology, which distributes torque to any wheel while actively optimizing traction and control, making the new S-Class one of the fastest and most agile luxury cars on the road.

Mercedes 2021 S Class

3 | Maneuvering Made Easy

For those seeking an equally impressive handling upgrade to complement the increase in power, the new S-Class will also feature rear-axle steering (executive line comes with 10 degrees, AMG® line has optional 4.5 degrees), cutting the car’s turning radius down by over 7 feet. According to Rosenthal, the new mechanics also deliver “smoother high-speed lane changes, tighter emergency maneuvers and unprecedented control,” making Mercedes-Benz newest edition the most versatile and maneuverable yet.

4 | Comfortable yet Stylish

While performance is key to building an excellent luxury vehicle, the importance of comfort and style cannot be underestimated. This is a fact Mercedes-Benz takes very seriously. Every S-Class model comes equipped with the world-class 4D Burmester audio system, featuring 30 speakers and four subwoofers, each of which can be adjusted individually. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is also bringing back iconic customization elements, such as fiber LED ambient lighting, turning every ride into a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Mercedes 2021 S Class

5 | Safer Than Ever

Aside from performance and luxury, the German automaker is also introducing several new features to enhance and optimize safety inside the new S-Class; the most notable addition is the introduction of a new backseat airbag. “It’s almost like a pillow or a cocoon, adopting more of a tubular shape. This allows it to deploy in a much more gentle fashion, making this the safest back seat in the world,” says Rosenthal.


6 | Sleeker Than Ever

In the spirit of modernity, Mercedes-Benz has also introduced an entirely new 12.8-inch interior touch-screen display pairing it with the all-new augmented reality heads-up display and a 50% increase in overall computing power. As a result, the new S-Class boasts an extremely smooth yet engaging driver experience, delivering one of the industry’s sleekest and most advanced cockpits.


7 | Smarter Than Ever

In an era where voice-activated technology, autopilot and automatic braking have become the norm, Mercedes-Benz continues to push the technology housed within their vehicles to its very limit. For example, with their patented E-Body Active Control system, the new S-Class can automatically adjust the car’s suspension over 1,000 times per second. According to Rosenthal, such technology “can sense a pending impact and adjust the suspension height by up to three inches in under two tenths of a second,” allowing the car to optimize safety even in the most unpredictable circumstances.

Mercedes 2021 S Class

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Photography Provided By: Fletcher Jones Motorcars

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