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Glamp in Beautiful Locations Across the Country With Under Canvas

Written By: Taylor Gorski
Photography Provided By: Under Canvas National Parks Glamping

2020 is the unofficial year of road trips. If you haven’t already seen these luxurious, safari-style tents on Instagram, let us introduce you to Under Canvas.

Under Canvas provides a one-of-a-kind glamping experience in locations all over the US, situated near National Parks. “We have seven camps now and two more coming. We are blessed to be located around these iconic, beautiful parks around the US,” says CEO Matt Gaghen. Under Canvas camps are located in the Grand Canyon, Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion, Great Smoky Mountains and Mount Rushmore. Acadia and Lake Powell are two of the newest locations, which are opening in 2021. National Parks Glamping

While Under Canvas was closed from March until May this year, there was over a 30% increase in bookings for July and August. Fall season bookings have almost doubled. The positive demand stems from families, couples and individuals seeking out adventure and wanting to connect with nature during these unusual times. “We provide access to the destinations, where people can use our camps as a basecamp for accessing these amazing venues in a way that is both in-tune with what the outdoor experience is about and in a comfortable way!” says Gaghen. “There is definitely a sense to be outdoors but do it in style.” While immersed in nature, comfortability is still very much a priority at Under Canvas; en suite bathrooms, cozy king-size beds and West Elm furnishings are just a few of the incredible features.

From Southern California, the most accessible sites are the Grand Canyon, Zion, Moab and Lake Powell. “We are looking to offer people a grand tour of the southwest desert to explore the whole desert region… taking a three- to seven-day trip,” explains Gaghen. Take a road trip, stay a night or two at each of these camps and explore the beauty around each. Gaghen’s personal favorite campsite is Zion. “It’s located in this beautiful setting with amazing views into Zion National Park, and it’s [these] huge mountains and canyons—the colors of the desert are remarkable.” Under Canvas provides activity recommendations for each park (think horseback riding, hiking and river rafting), and even on-site complimentary camp activities like cornhole. 

Experience Under Canvas glamping yourself, because what the photos don’t showcase is waking up to the sunrise and fresh air, the stunning stars at night, connections with fellow glampers, the food, drinks and s’mores available and the exceptional service that Under Canvas employees provide. It’s a memorable experience that all ages will enjoy. 

Pack your bags, but leave your sleeping bags and pop-up tents at home. Your next outdoor adventure awaits!  National Parks Glamping
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