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Franchise Owners, Craig Appleton and Clayton Wheeler Discuss Their Newest Location

Written By: Matthew Burke
Photographed By: Josie Gonzales Board & Brew Del Sur

Experts: Craig Applegate and Clayton Wheeler
Credentials: Franchise Co-Owners of Board & Brew Del Sur, Pacific Beach, Carlsbad Village, Scripps Ranch and Laguna Niguel
Travel Bug: If they had to pick another place to live besides San Diego, Craig would choose Maui, Boulder or Santa Barbara, similar to Clayton who would choose Colorado or Hawaii.

Locally owned and operated, Board & Brew’s sandwiches are as wholesome and genuine as the people behind the counter. Bread that dissolves on the taste buds and fresh ingredients that are satisfying to the stomach. Closing in on 40 years, the Board & Brew club has expanded and grown into something special with the help of franchise owners Craig Applegate and Clayton Wheeler. These two young entrepreneurs know how to make a business grow without sacrificing the quality and personality of a company that remains superior to your average sandwich joint.

Q: What is the motivation behind expanding Board & Brew?

Craig Applegate: The challenge of putting together a huge puzzle. The pieces include finding a location, hiring the best talent and providing the best food and service possible. When you put all the pieces together and see what has been created, it’s pretty rad and motivating. The puzzle is always growing! Not to mention, being able to create opportunity is a huge motivator!

Q: How did you guys go about getting started in the restaurant business?

CA: My parents said I needed to ‘be responsible’ [laughs]. So, I got my first job at the age of 15 at the classic Olyo’s Pizza in Encinitas as a cook, and as they say, the rest is history!

Clayton Wheeler: I was drawn in by the fast pace and exciting environment. I started working at Las Olas in Cardiff and kept working my way up in the industry.

Q: What is your proudest moment as restaurant owners?

CW: Opening my first restaurant in Carlsbad Village.

CA: I’d have to agree with Clayton. Opening our Carlsbad location was all time! It was the start of something epic!

Q: What makes Board & Brew superior to other sandwich shops?

CA: Board & Brew definitely prides itself on its high-quality ingredients, but what separates us are a lot of things. Can you say sweet and sour sauce?! In addition, we have an amazing crew that truly is family. Also, we really strive to maintain the ‘mom and pop’ vibe in all communities that we become a part of, and finally, I’d say it’s our revolving taps that we have (that’s the short version).

Q: Are there any new Board & Brew locations that are in the works?

CA: We are super excited for the future. We are looking to expand in the North County area in 2017 or early 2018.

Q: What are some upcoming events you’re involved with?

CA: Some future events we are getting involved with are The Celebrity Golf Tourney with Marshall Faulk and Urban Surf 4 Kids, to name a few. We are also doing some huge events throughout San Diego that we can’t mention yet, but excited to get involved with.

Q: What is one of your favorite things to do in San Diego?

CA: One of my favorite things to do is cruise the coast on walks with my wife and two daughters. The scene and view of the 101 beats almost any view.

CW: My newest hobby has been going down to SkyDive San Diego and jumping out of planes and working on getting all my [certifications] for skydiving.

Q: What food reminds you of your childhood?

CA: Being born and raised in Encinitas/Carlsbad, I’d have to say that Mexican food takes me back to my childhood. There are so many solid spots that each specialize in their own plates.

CW: Cali burritos!

Q: What is your favorite restaurant to grab a bite to eat in San Diego?

CA: Living in Carlsbad, my favorite place to grab a bite besides Board & Brew is Fish 101.

CW: Besides Board & Brew, it would have to be Del Mar Pizza (best thin crust in town).

Q: Out of all the breweries in San Diego, what are some of your favorites?

CA: That’s pretty hard, as there are so many solid breweries out there, but one of the newer breweries on the scene that I love is Burgeon. They are out of Carlsbad and do some pretty incredible stuff. I’d also have to say I’ve been loving Abnormal.

CW: It’s hard to beat Ballast Point, but I’d also have to agree with Burgeon.

Native Knowledge: The first Board & Brew location opened in Del Mar in 1979.

Play Ball: Board & Brew has two locations in Petco Park, one on field level, section 107 and another on the Toyota Terrace, section 205.

Board & Brew
16480 Paseo Del Sur, Ste 135
San Diego, CA 92127
Get Your Sandwich Fix at Board & Brew Del Sur

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