Spruce Up Your Home (and Mood) With Plants Delivered Directly to Your Door

Take Note, Plant Parents

Houseplant enthusiasm has been steadily on the rise, especially now that people spend more time at home. “Plants make people happy,” says Eliza Blank, founder and CEO of The Sill. Her words are simple yet deeply truthful. Plants provide a connection that many people need right now. The Sill offers a one-stop shop to buy your new green friend, learn how to keep it alive and join a like-minded community. Plants can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door. Plant Subscriptions

The Sill is not only about home decor or just selling you plants; we’re here to connect people with plants,” Blank says. She believes happiness stems from the relationship that develops from taking care of your houseplants.

“Plants make people happy.”—Eliza Blank Plant Subscriptions

Growing up, Blank’s mother and grandmother were avid gardeners. She describes plants as the backdrop to her life. Before becoming a houseplant connoisseur herself, Blank was a brand manager in New York City. When she moved from her hometown in Massachusetts, nature’s absence in the concrete jungle struck Blank physically and emotionally. Without access to garden centers, she had trouble finding knowledgeable people to teach her how to care for her greens. Challenging personal experiences, shopping for plants and seeking a like-minded community planted the seed for The Sill, and a brilliant idea began to grow.

Education is an integral element of her business: “Having a relationship with plants can truly be transformational. There’s something about learning a new skill that unlocks the essence of personal growth in someone. It’s a reminder of our capacity to learn new things at any age. Watching a plant grow creates a feedback loop, which I think is critical to why people find such satisfaction in plants.” The Sill hosted several in-store workshops that have gone virtual since the beginning of the pandemic. Each workshop now can host hundreds of people versus the 10- to 12-person capacity in the shop. The classes vary from Humidity 101 and Artificial Lighting to Winter Plant Care and more. Plant Subscriptions

Local Insight: Blank believes houseplants are a visual reminder to take better care of yourself. “A good look at your plants is better than a good look in the mirror,” she says. Plant Subscriptions

Navigating this past year has been both challenging and rewarding for Blank and The Sill. “Making sure the business stayed healthy and was growing is a huge accomplishment,” she says. Blank stays motivated by pushing boundaries and pushing herself. She’s most proud of being an inspiration to young women who have followed her journey and aspire to become entrepreneurs. “As I’ve gotten past challenges and hurdles of growing this business, I’m interested in how far I can go. Not for personal gain, but to break barriers and be a role model,” Blank states. Plant Subscriptions

The Sill offers a variety of membership and subscription options for those who are just getting started. For more tips and inspo on plant care, potting and design, visit The Sill’s blog or Instagram page. Your journey to becoming a plant parent is just a few clicks away!

The Sill
8125 W Third St
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Photography Provided By: Kelly Boitano and The Sill

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