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Rapper and Influencer Carl Dawson Shares His Picks for a Day in LA

Calabasas-Based, Here’s Where You Can Find Dawson Around the City

Name: Carl Dawson

David Higgs
Credit: David Higgs

Job Title: Influencer and Rapper
Resident of: Calabasas
Local Living: 21 years


Musically Inspired

The whole creative process of producing music is amazing. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction I get when I hear the final product. My inspiration comes from my family and all the love they’ve shown me and sacrifices they’ve made for me. I am also very inspired by my fans and their loyalty; I can’t do it without them.


A Sweet Escape

Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash
Credit: Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

The Escape Hotel Hollywood is so cool; every suite is a different escape room! It also has a great restaurant and bar, and the vibes transport you back in time to Old Hollywood. It’s a great place to come and stay for a few days when life gets too serious.


Looking Up


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When I think of my role model, the first person that comes to mind is Travis Barker. I admire how hard he works in and out of the studio. He is so talented and knowledgeable about the music industry, and he’s been so supportive of me. I also admire how healthy he is, from working out every day to being vegan!


Gloves On

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Recently, I’ve really gotten into boxing. It’s a great way to stay in shape while also having some fun. I am also in the middle of starting a new series on my YouTube channel where I will film unique and entertaining boxing competitions with people competing for cash prizes. Don’t miss it!


Rooftop Rendezvous

One of my favorite hidden gems in Los Angeles is the Melrose Rooftop Theatre. They have the best food and drinks! It’s a great hangout spot for a date or just to kick it with family and friends. It’s different from your traditional movie theater with its bean bag chairs, full bar and menu of global eats. Be sure to get there early—this place gets packed.

In the Studio

I love the feeling of creating music—it’s my escape from my busy life. I love sitting down at night after a long day of shooting content and being able to unwind in the studio. I’m also excited about a new TV series I’ve been working on called “Face Your Fear,” which will feature in-depth interviews about one’s fears and provide the chance to face them while also showcasing the craziest, funniest and one-of-a-kind pranks.


Carl Dawson

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