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The 9 Best Restaurants in Greater Palm Springs for Tacos and Tequila

Find Your Oasis With the Best Spots for Tacos and Tequila in the Desert

Peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, cookies and milk—there are hundreds of classic food combos, but none so quintessential (or delicious) as tacos and tequila. But there is a trick to these pairings. Blanco tequila’s bright and sharp flavors complement tacos with lighter ingredients like citrus, seafood and vegetables best, while reposado tequila’s oakiness pairs well with spice-forward tacos with grilled meat, shrimp and charred veggies. Añejo tequila, on the other hand, only adds to robust, rich flavors from tacos with mole or red meat. Want to give these combinations a taste test? Here are 10 of the best places for tacos and tequila in Greater Palm Springs.

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Tu Madres Cantina & Grill

Must Eat: Crispy Fried Avocado Tacos
Must Drink: La Chingona Margarita

Best Tacos Palm Springs
Credit: Tu Madres Cantina & Grill

Like its sister restaurants, Heirloom Craft Kitchen and Cork and Fork, Tu Madres Cantina & Grill uses only the freshest local and organic ingredients to celebrate the beautiful Mexican and Baja flavors on its menu. We personally can’t get enough of the crispy fried avocado tacos with chipotle lime aioli and the La Chingona margarita with blanco tequila, strawberry and mint, but if you’re feeling more carnivorous, we recommend the al pastor tacos with the El Classico margarita. 

Local Insight: Tu Madres’ secret to the perfect taco is what holds it together. It’s a proven fact that you can’t have a good taco without the right tortilla, which is why Tu Madres Cantina & Grill purchases their tortillas from a local family-owned business that specializes in delicious, handmade tortillas.

Location: Indio


Adobe Grill

Must Eat: Steak Tacos
Must Drink: Bespoke Margarita With Añejo Tequila

Best Tacos Palm Springs
Credit: Marshall Williams

Part of La Quinta Resort & Club, Adobe Grill offers a delicious, flavorful escape for resort guests and locals alike. The restaurant features an idyllic and inviting atmosphere and three delicious options for tacossteak, shrimp and al pastorall served atop fresh, hand-pressed tortillas. Our favorite offering from Adobe Grill, however, has to be the bespoke margarita. With the bar staff’s expertise and over 100 types of tequila to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be sipping on a margarita that’s nothing short of life changing.

Location: La Quinta

TQLAS Agave Bar & Grill

Must Eat: Mole Chicken Tacos
Must Drink: Los Añejos Flight 

Best Tacos Palm Springs
Credit: Larry Nelson

You know what’s better than one tequila? Three, of course! At TQLAS Agave Bar & Grill, you can experiment and try a unique flight of three 1-ounce pours of various ages and expressions. From flights of patron and Fortaleza to Casamigos and los añejos, TQLAS Agave Bar & Grill has incredible tequila tasters to accompany any of their delicious tacos. Want to splurge a little? Don’t miss out on the los extra añejos flight with pours of Cuervo Reserva Familia, Riqueza Cultural and Juegos Mexicanos.

Location: Old Town La Quinta



Must Eat: Fried Sole Street Tacos
Must Drink: Spicy Refescado Margarita

Take a step off of the bustling Palm Canyon Dr and into the welcoming and brilliantly decorated Tac/Quila. Boasting a menu of modern Mexican fare, this restaurant is as much of a treat for the eyes as it is for the palate. We can’t get enough of the binge-able street tacos at Tac/Quila—especially when paired with a spicy refescado margarita—but if you’re leaning more towards their selection of gourmet tacos, we’d recommend trying out the short rib birria, the fried calamari or the grilled portobello mushroom tacos. 

Location: Palm Springs


El Patrón

Must Eat: Carnitas Tacos
Must Drink: Cadillac Margarita

One of downtown Palm Springs’ newer additions, El Patrón opened its doors in 2019 and has been feeding crowds of hungry taco-and-tequila-seekers ever since. Known locally for serving up impeccable vibes and even more impeccable food, it’s easy to see why this spot has earned its place on this list of local favorites. At El Patrón, we recommend sticking with a truly classic combination: a pair of juicy carnitas tacos with a Cadillac margarita. It can’t get better than that!

Location: Palm Springs


Las Casuelas Nuevas

Must Eat: Grilled Fish Tacos
Must Drink: Pineapple Mint Margarita

The first Spanish colonial hacienda restaurant in the country, Las Casuelas Nuevas has been making history (and delectable food) since it opened its doors in 1973. Indulge in some tableside guacamole, then dig into a grilled fish taco, which is beautifully complemented by the crisp, tropical flavors of the pineapple mint margarita. Closed on Tuesdays, Las Casuelas Nuevas isn’t the best location for Taco Tuesday, but definitely head over for happy hour any of the other six days of the week from 4-6 p.m. Also join them for Sunday brunch, held from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Local Insight: Las Casuelas Nuevas is a proven local fave—so much so that we suggest making a reservation!

Location: Rancho Mirage


La Bonita’s

Must Eat: Cheese Shell Taco
Must Drink: Jalapeño Margarita

Family-owned business, scratch-made food—does it get any better than that? Known for its fun atmosphere and excellent service, La Bonita’s has been a Palm Springs destination for tacos and tequila for years. We recommend trying the tortilla-less taco on a cheese shell, served with a choice of meat, avocado, sour cream, onions and cilantro, and pairing it with a classic jalapeño margarita; the marg’s sharp flavors and heat will cut the richness of the taco!

Location: Palm Springs


El Mirasol

Must Eat: Crispy Mini Chorizo Tacos
Must Drink: De la Casa Margarita

With one location nestled inside the beautiful Los Arboles Hotel and the other at the fork where East and South Palm Canyon Drives meet, El Mirasol has been a Palm Springs staple since 1985. Don’t miss the crispy mini chorizo tacos appetizer (a platter of five small, spicy tacos with the perfect crunch) or the De la Casa Margarita—a recipe that El Mirasol has been serving for over 25 years!

Location: Palm Springs


Blue Coyote Grill

Must Eat: Crispy Potato Tacos
Must Drink: Wild Coyote Margarita

Home of the self-proclaimed best margarita in Coachella Valley, Blue Coyote Grill has made itself a crowd-pleasing dining destination for families, parties, date nights and any other reason to go! Blue Coyote’s vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to escape the outside world and enjoy great food with your favorite people, which is only enhanced by a pitcher of the Wild Coyote margarita and plates of delicious tacos—our favorite is the hard-shell potato taco.

Location: Palm Springs

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