Photographed By: Travis McCoy Hair and Makeup By: Ruth Torres
Photographed By: Travis McCoy Hair and Makeup By: Ruth Torres

Score! A Blogger’s Guide to Taking Home the Best Finds at the Melrose Trading Post

Pretty Little Fawn’s Courtney Halverson Takes Us to Her Favorite Spots

Written By: Courtney Halverson
Photographed By: Travis McCoy
Hair and Makeup By: Ruth Torres Melrose Trading Post

My name is Courtney Halverson and I am an actress living in Echo Park. I’ve been a fan of vintage shopping since I was a teenager, and now that I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger as my side hustle, I get to shop for blog stories I’m working on. One of my favorite spots to hit up is the Melrose Trading Post, a program of the Greenway Arts Alliance. It’s not as massive as some flea markets, so it’s totally manageable for a Sunday morning trip, plus it always seems to have the best vendors.


Fairchild on Fairfax by John Fairchild

Melrose Trading Post is home to many artists selling their work, but the spread at the Fairchild on Fairfax booth was impressive. With hundreds of large scale original works and dozens displayed around the booth and overhead, it’s a great spot to hit up if you’ve moved recently and are hoping to decorate some blank walls in your new space.


Single Stitch LA

Chances are, if you’re at the trading post, you’re looking for vintage clothing. Rather than having to comb through a giant vintage store, you can instead try your hand at booths with smaller curated collections. I always love to stroll the aisles of the flea market, and when I see a faded vintage tee hanging in a booth, I make a beeline over. Yes please!



Makers and Smiths

Sometimes I stumble across a booth that just gets me—and boy did this one deliver. With a massive selection of gorgeously sourced home goods like wooden spoons and speckled pottery, I could instantly picture each piece placed lovingly in my home, and had to stop myself from emptying my envelope of cash I brought along for the trip.



Drunken Succulents

No flea market trip would be complete without a stop in to see some fun kitschy works, and the display at Drunken Succulents fits the bill. Who knew that succulents planted in old beer bottles could look so chic? I had a great time combing through the selection, and finding different ones that fit people in my life.


Tapestry Guru

Sometimes when I spot a booth at the flea market, my first thought is, ‘How on earth did they manage to fit all of this merchandise into a van to get it here?’ This guy had a huge selection of tapestries perfect for adorning a wall, using as a bedspread or even for a fun picnic blanket. Plus, they make for a good background for photos!


Koi Skin and Bath

It’s no secret I love baths. And while I tend to associate flea markets with all things vintage, there are often a number of booths with great homemade skincare and bath products. These colorful bath bombs caught my eye immediately, and I am unashamed to say that I smelled every single one. Who doesn’t love some good pampering?



Geometric Fossils

Even though I’ve managed to kill about 40 percent of the succulents that have entered my home, I still love buying more. And all the better when they come in a cute container like the ones at Geometric Fossils. I love how artists are able to create and sell their own lines direct to the public, and these containers were crazy cute.


Denim Heaven Co.

Another vintage flea market staple are the denim booths. Most booths specialize entirely in denim, and have seemingly endless racks and piles of it, and Denim Heaven was fully stocked. I love love love denim, so this booth turned into a bit of a time-suck for me in the best way possible.

Winter is Coming: When Sunday rolls around, whether it’s “Game of Thrones” or any other HBO series, Courtney loves putting on a face mask and having potstickers and wine while she watches dragons, wolves and zombies…oh my!

Fuel Up: After the Melrose Trading Post, she recommends walking over to Canter’s for lunch because their Matzah ball soup is to die for.

Spooky Tales: She just wrapped a film called St Agatha in March that promises to be super creepy, all directed by Darren Lynn Bousman of SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV.

From A Pro: Courtney’s biggest tip is to wear a dress or a skirt so that you can easily try on denim and other pieces without having to cram into a small fitting room.

Courtney Halverson
Pretty Little Fawn

Melrose Trading Post
7850 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

A Blogger’s Guide to the Melrose Trading Post

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