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Save the Turkeys! Here Are 5 Reasons to Have a Vegan Thanksgiving

With the Help of OC Catering Company Plant and Seed, You Won’t Even Miss the Meat!

Looking to take the turkey out of Thanksgiving? Plant-based, fine dining has become increasingly popular over the years, but it can leave something left to be desired if you’re wishing for a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Thankfully, Plant and Seed is here to help! Created by the talented and creative Chef Eileen Elizabeth, Plant and Seed is an all-new vegan catering company in Newport Beach. Don’t expect basic combos of kale and tofu, however, as the menus and offerings are designed with flavor, complexity and deliciousness in mind.

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan your seasonal spread. Here are five reasons to put down the spatula and turn to Plant and Seed for a vegan feast unlike any other!


You Won’t Even Miss the Meat!

Best Catering Orange County
Credit: Travis McCoy

There’s no denying that a classic Thanksgiving spread carries tons of nostalgia, but Plant and Seed goes above and beyond to cater to every kind of craving. The vegan turkey, made of panko-crusted seitan, has a tender texture that is as close as you can get to the real deal. It is also served alongside a creamy gravy that adds plenty of flavor and complexity. When it comes to meat substitutes, the Thanksgiving menu also features a vegan short rib that is made out of lion’s mane mushroom and is served with spicy horseradish and an au jus sauce. Even the most devout of carnivores will be impressed! “I always say, I am a vegan chef for the meat eaters because I create food that appeals to them,” Chef Eileen shares. “Anything you can make, I can make vegan!”


A Diverse + Seasonal Menu

Plant and Seed’s entire Thanksgiving menu has been carefully curated to meet a variety of preferences. In addition to the vegan turkey and vegan short rib, there are also a handful of sensational sides. The Winter Kale Salad is topped with a thyme-garlic vinaigrette, while the herby sourdough stuffing boasts bold and savory flavors. Of course, no Thanksgiving spread is complete without a green bean casserole, and the wild mushrooms and crispy shallots add both texture and taste. “I have always cooked from instinct and heart,” she says. “When I want to feel inspired, I take a walk through a farmers market. I take in the color and variety and start to envision what I could create with each item of produce I select. Giant golden beets are going to become blackened salmon filets. Then I build off that inspiration.”


The Benefits of Catering

Best Catering Orange County
Credit: Travis McCoy

Dreading slaving away over a hot stove? Let Plant and Seed take the reins! Catering your holiday gathering means less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends. Typically, a Thanksgiving feast requires an immense amount of prep and planning—not to mention the time it takes to actually cook each dish. Focus on your loved ones rather than the food, because Plant and Seed handles everything from start to finish. In addition to being able to sit back and relax, working with Plant and Seed also means getting some of the most beautifully plated dishes available. The approach is always artful and delicate, allowing your family to sit down to a professional-grade meal and first-class experience. Enjoy health-forward dining while they do all of the heavy lifting.


Health Benefits of a Vegan Thanksgiving Meal

Best Catering Orange County
Credit: Travis McCoy

There are a plethora of benefits to veganism. From lowering blood pressure to improving cholesterol levels, switching to a plant-based diet can open up an entirely new world of health and wellness. That said, even if a full-blown vegan lifestyle is not in the cards for you, it doesn’t hurt to cut back on your meat consumption. Though Thanksgiving is typically seen as a holiday of indulgence, it is truly meant to be a holiday of gratitude, and what better way to show yours than by making a healthy food choice for your loved ones and the planet? Plus, with Plant and Seed, a vegan Thanksgiving doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. “People think they have to give up so much to go vegan or eat better. That is simply not true!” Chef Eileen explains. 



Avoid Dietary Issues 

Plant and Seed’s all-vegan menu takes the fuss out of dealing with dairy restrictions. So many people are lactose intolerant or allergic to other products, so rather than having to remember who can have cheese and who can’t, Plant and Seed takes dairy out of the mix entirely. That said, even without butter or cheese, the garlic and chive mashed potatoes manage to remain incredibly creamy and decadent. On top of that, much of the menu is also gluten-free, allowing guests to cater to any other restrictions with ease. Though the main course is the star of the show, you can’t forget about dessert. Each pie from Plant and Seed is completely vegan and gluten-free; choose among apple, mixed berry or classic pumpkin.

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