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We Went to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

All the Rides, Attractions, and Food Spots Featuring Mario and the Crew

Start your gameplay at Universal Studios this summer and power up at Super Nintendo World—an immersive experience full of the whimsy the world has come to love through Mario, Luigi and friends. This electrifying collection of attractions brings the beloved characters, thrilling adventures and pixel-perfect landscapes of the Super Mario universe to life like never before. With a thrilling Mario Kart ride, a delicious restaurant and interactive games throughout, you might just have an all new appreciation for the larger-than-life characters.

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Power-Up Bands

Here we go! The best place to start with Super Nintendo World is at the Power-Up Band machines, where you can purchase a souvenir band that straps to your wrist and allows you to interact with the land in all sorts of fun ways. The Power-Up Band connects to the Universal Studios app and keeps track of scores and coins found through playing interactive games and hitting the iconic “?” Blocks. Use your Mario skills to defeat Bowser Jr. and return the Golden Mushroom to Princess Peach by beating at least three of the games in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™. These include Goomba Crazy Crank, Koopa Troopa POWer Punch, Piranha Plant Nap Mishap and Thwomp Panel Panic. Don’t let Princess Peach down; she needs your help!


What to Expect

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Mama mia! When heading through the pipe to Super Nintendo World, remember that it’s an extremely popular attraction. While it is well worth the wait, expect the line for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge to be an hours-long wait. Similarly, Toadstool Cafe is going to be packed. Show up early to make a same-day reservation at the restaurant, available via QR codes at the area’s entrance. Waiting aside, Super Nintendo World truly is next-level. For decades, Super Mario has been a delight to adults and children alike. Now, everyone has the chance to experience the cartoonish galaxy of plumbers and princesses. The energy is electric with people running around in costume, waiting to meet their favorite characters and complete their sidequests.

Biggest Attractions

Super Nintendo World Attractions
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Okey dokey! The main attraction in Super Nintendo World is certainly Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. This augmented-reality trip through some of the most beloved Mario Kart tracks is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Thanks to the AR visors, you’ll feel like you’re actually racing Super Mario characters. The technology alone is worth the trip, but the fact that you get to stroll through Bowser’s Castle on the way to Rainbow Road makes it a must. With multiple ways to raise your score as you tear up the track against Team Bowser, you’ll be doing your best to make it to the top of the leaderboard. With a Power-Up Band, you can even track your high scores for repeat visits!



Toadstool Cafe

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Yahoo! Level up your dining experience at Toadstool Cafe and enjoy as Chef Toad prepares a menu of themed meals and treats guaranteed to top off your experience. Be sure to order the Bowser’s Fireball Challenge, a one-pound meatball with all the fixings served in a souvenir bowl. The Super Mushroom Soup and the “?” Block Tiramisu are also must-haves and a delicious way to celebrate victory on Rainbow Road. While you’re eating, look through windows and see Toad and friends cooking up these Mario World delicacies, complete with mustachioed hamburgers and coin cookies for the kids. At Super Nintendo World, the details are everything. From the dishware to the staff uniforms, everything’s just right.

Game Over!

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