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7 Spots to Sip a Ranch Water and Embrace the Great Outdoors This Winter in San Diego

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Crack Open a Javi’s Ranch Water and Get to Sippin’

Hype up any holiday activity with a pack of Javi’s Ranch Water, made with 100% agave tequila, sparkling mineral water and natural flavors! When you sip on ingredients this honest and flavors this fresh, it’s about as close to the ranch as you can get without taking a trip there yourself. Bring a couple cans of Ranch Water along with you to any activity, whether it’s the Christmas tree farm or a holiday party! Here are seven places to sip this holiday season in San Diego.


Winter Hike Through Annie’s Canyon

Bailey L / Unsplash
Credit: Bailey L / Unsplash

Slurp back a ranch water or two after you cruise through the paths of Annie’s Canyon Trail, an easy, brisk 2.2-mile loop trail through a flat trail that leads to a sandstone canyon. This super approachable, not-too-strenuous hike will give you the perfect dose of exercise on a wellness-focused afternoon. Once you’ve hit the slot canyon adventure at the tail end of the trail, there are several nooks and crannies perfect for climbing up and getting adventurous. After this hike, you deserve a treat so put your feet up and crack open a Javi’s Ranch Water as soon as you get home!


Pick out a Christmas Tree at Family Christmas Tree Farm

Christin Hume
Credit: Christin Hume / Unsplash

Just as each can of Javi’s Ranch Water is made with 100% agave, your home will need a dose of green too this season! You’ve already picked out your pack of cold ones—after stocking your fridge, head to the Family Christmas Tree Farm in El Cajon, a 10-acre farm stocked with fresh fir trees of every kind. After picking out the perfect tree, head home to decorate it and sip your Javi’s Ranch Water while blasting some Christmas music. 


Camping at Bow Willow Creek Campground

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Get out of the city and escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a little weekend trip to Bow Willow Creek Campground in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park! Simplistic and serene, it’s the perfect place to get away with your favorite people and enjoy each other, which, of course, calls for a few libations! Surprise the squad with a pack of Javi’s Ranch Water—choose from flavors like watermelon, grapefruit and lime—and sip the day away around the campfire.



Christmas Eve Golf at The Loma Club Golf Course

The Loma Club
Credit: The Loma Club

Gather all of your best guys and gals for a round of golf at The Loma Club Golf Course. Go for a par-3 course or keep it super casual with a spontaneous round on one of two nine-hole mini-golf courses—your choice may depend on how many packs of Javi’s Ranch Water you’ve packed for the green. Do as the golfers do and sip and swing casually through the course that oftentimes comes complete with live music nearby! Javi’s Ranch Water + the historic Loma Club = a holiday hole-in-one.


New Year’s Day Picnic at Balboa Park

The stress of the season calls for something simple. Simple, then, calls for bringing something to sip on, obviously. Grab your favorite flavor of Javi’s Ranch Water and your best-spirited friends and get down to picturesque Balboa Park for a peaceful picnic. We recommend setting up shop on the lawns outside of the Botanical Building, which give a beautiful view of the lily pond. Sprawl out in the sunshine, sip on your hard seltzer and revel in the relaxation—just don’t forget something to snack on!

Hot Tub Cruise on the Bay

Credit: Alexandra Stark

Hot Tub Cruisin from Hot Tub Cruisin on Vimeo.

Even if it’s chilly outside, you can almost always count on the San Diego sun to be shining. Get the fill of the boats you’ve been missing for just a few short months and sail out on a hot tub cruise on Mission Bay! The tubs will heat up as you chill out and crack open a can of Javi’s. It’s the BYOB every boat has dreamed of!


Bring Javi’s to a Holiday Party (Instead of a Fruitcake)

Last year’s holiday parties had the chaos of “The Great British Bake Off”—everyone brought a dessert of some kind and wanted to be crowned the winner. Your last-minute fruitcake was a feeble attempt to do something different, but this year, you’re smarter than that. Win over the entire party by bringing nothing baked at all: just an easy, refreshing case of Javi’s Ranch Water. Grapefruit, lime or watermelon—they’re all the fruity flavors from your fruitcake fail, only a whole lot more mouthwatering. Cake isn’t always the biggest crowd-pleaser, after all.

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