Wake Up on the Water–The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort Is Calling Your Name

The Extra-Extravagant St. Regis

If you chose the left-hand side of the plane as we did, your mouth is most likely still open from the views of Bora Bora you saw from your window. As you disembark the plane from the rear and enter the small, mostly glass airport, you realize you are situated directly on the water. As we began to gather ourselves, we are greeted by the representative of the St. Regis with a warm smile and a welcome flower necklace. He guided us through the sliding glass doors and on to our shuttle boat. What a great feeling to be whisked away by water across the vast lagoon to our retreat for the next few days. We were so excited. We passed other resorts and then finally our resort with their beautiful over-water bungalows.

We arrived at our destination, and our mouths dropped. The resort property is breathtaking. Row after row of thatch-roofed over water bungalows. Our butler loaded us into a six-seater golf cart and took us to our room, driving directly onto the thin bridges connecting our bungalow. While being escorted to our new haven, it was hard not to be distracted by the crystal clear water and the seals below.

Once entering the room, we were given a quick tour that I hope the accompanying pictures can do more justice to than these words. Our bungalow was about 1500 square feet — one bedroom with separate living area and a massive bath area. The highlights of the tour were the wall-less shower, walk-in closet, the sheer mass of window open to the ocean below, and a large, private patio with dining cabana and swimming dock. It doesn’t stop there. A Bose surround sound system and the see-through glass windows in the floor complete this perfect atmosphere. We were left with one direction. Call if you need anything — your butler is here to serve you 24 hours a day.

We jumped wildly around the room and on the beds (sorry St. Regis) as we could not believe that this was for us. The view of the island was iconic. The only thing you could see from the bed was our deck and the ocean. The rooms and staff are as close to perfection as we have experienced. However, we got in a little bit of trouble on the last day because we overstayed our checkout by 3 hours. Can you blame us?


Favorite Part of the Stay: Bora Bora

Waking up and plugging my iPhone into the thumping Bose system, pushing one of my bedroom windows open and plopping into the ocean below.


Favorite Meal:

Even though we loved our morning breakfast, our 5-course dinner held at Lagoon by Jean Georges in a glass floor dining room, sharks underneath our feet, was by far the most memorable.



Make sure to snorkel in the Lagoonarium behind the spa. To say beautiful would be an understatement. For the more adventurous, the jet ski excursion trip around the entire island was the most fun we had on the entire trip.

10 Must-Do’s for Your First Time in Tahiti: Bora Bora

1. Wake up by jumping out of your bedroom window and directly into the ocean below in your overwater bungalows at The St. Regis Bora Bora.

2. Get engaged on a boat dock over clear waters at the Relais Mahana in Huahine. Keep a good, tight grip on the ring in case your soon-to-be fiancé gets emotional and almost knocks it into the ocean.

3. Rent a scooter and drive around the entire island of Huahine counting how many cars you pass. My guess is less than five.

4. Lay in a hammock tied between two palm trees and directly over the ocean at Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa. Make sure to have your Mai Tai in hand.

5. Jump down into the fresh water canal near the bridge and pet the super squishy Sacred Blue Eyed Eels in Huahine.

6. Head in to the town square and order a French Fry and Ketchup Baguette at Snack Hai Ling on Raiatea. All the cool kids do it.

7. Feel like royalty while locals help you make your self-made flower crown at the Royal Mahana in Huahine.

8. Have your breakfast delivered by canoe to your room at The St. Regis Bora Bora. This brings a whole new meaning to breakfast in bed.

9. Claim your very own motu for a romantic lunch while staying at Le Taha’a. White sand, live music and a great meal.

10. Do nothing at all, all day long, besides soaking in that ocean breeze and sunny rays.

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
Motu Ome’e BP 506
Bora Bora 98730, French Polynesia

Photography Provided By: The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

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