The Comedic Voice Behind the Hit Reality Show Love Island

Meet Matthew Hoffman, the Voice and Co-Writer of Love Island 

Written By: Brittany Lawrence
Photography Provided By: Stephen Busken Matthew Hoffman

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Tonight on LOCALE, it’s Matthew Hoffman, the keeper of the voice you never knew you needed to hear! Need a hint? Hoffman is the energetic narrator, voice-over producer and co-writer behind CBS’ reality show “Love Island,” which wraps up its second season in Las Vegas at the end of this month. Part of what makes this show so entertaining to watch is the hilarious and witty narration, but how did Hoffman get here? Stay tuned—let’s find out!

Hoffman grew up in Long Island, NY, and always had the bug for entertainment. “In high school, I used to come home and watch ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show,’” says Hoffman. “She was my hero in my high school yearbook.”

It was also in high school that he landed his first major role in Madison Square Garden, playing Young Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” when he was 16 years old. After graduation, he attended the Boston Conservatory, a performing arts school in Boston, where he earned a degree in musical theater. He describes his experience in college as unbelievable: “After graduating from the Boston Conservatory, I realized I did not want to play a character and be someone else; I wanted to play myself.” So he eventually made the move to Los Angeles.

Hoffman, who was invited to audition for the narrator role on Love Island, had only one audition before finally finding out eight months later that he got the role! It may seem like it’s all fun and games, but this job is still work! “It is a pretty intense process,” Hoffman explains. “We have to get the narration done in a certain time limit.” He has to start very early in the morning by watching the episode with two other voice-over producers. They stop where they see narration fitting, write it out, record and move on. “Every day has its own challenges. You never know what you are getting, as the show is constantly changing and adding new people,” Hoffman says. 

Being the comedic voice in “Love Island” isn’t Hoffman’s only role. He can also be found hosting the celebrity interview show, “Sit Down With The Stars,” for Regal Cinemas. But that’s not all—back in 2012, he started “Tuesdays With Matthew” at a senior center in Culver City, and it forever changed his life. These sessions, which run about an hour, consist of Hoffman essentially being an acting coach, providing scripts and scenes and allowing the ladies and gentlemen (all ranging in their 70s-90s) to bring the scenes to life. “This journey has changed my life on every level from self to service,” Hoffman reflects. “It has made me such a different person.” He recalls one participant in particular who told Hoffman that during this hour or so with him, he forgets he is in pain. COVID-19 has caused a big change in “Tuesdays With Matthew,” as he cannot make his usual visits. He, however, still keeps in touch weekly by calling in and hopes to be able to get back to it soon! “It’s not about me,” Hoffman adds. “It is about making people happy.” 

This is easily seen to be true, not just with the relationships he has built with his participating seniors, but through all of his lively and energetic roles. Could he be working on something new? We will just have to keep an eye on this one to find out—on the next season of Matthew Hoffman!

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