Choose the Best Frames With These 5 Tips From Vitra Eyewear

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For many who wear glasses, you know the drill of getting a new pair. Get your exam, pick your frames and wait to pick them up—a pretty standard and non-personal routine most times. What if selecting new frames, however, was an experience tailored to you and your unique style? Vitra Eyewear in Costa Mesa does just that and is here to help you pick the best frames for your face with these five tips! How to Choose Glasses


1 | Be in Love with the Shape of You How to Choose Glasses

No two faces are the same, so when choosing frames, don’t forget that you need to keep the shape of your face in mind. “Frames are very transformative,” says Mariel Ahorro, optician and stylist at Vitra Eyewear, “so sizing is very important.” It is best to actually try the frames that you’re interested in. A good rule of thumb is to try frames that are the opposite shape of your face. For example, if you have more of a round face, a more angular frame will help define your bone structure. Salt, a local Costa Mesa company, and Barton Perreira both have a classic sophistication with clean lines and clean shapes. Each of them highlights your bone structure and emphasizes features instead of glasses

Native Knowledge: Vitra Eyewear stands out, as they have a window that looks into their staate-of-the-art full service lab where customers can watch their optician work on edging lenses, as well as dipping them into custom tints, polishing and assembling frames! It’s a unique way to really see behind the scenes.

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2 | Live Your Life in Color How to Choose Glasses

When choosing the color of your frames, keep in mind your hair and eye color, along with your skin tone. “You don’t want your frames walking into a room before you do,” says Ahorro. Lighter skin does well with rich tones like tortoise shell, while darker skin tones are complemented by colors and nudes. Your frames should not wash you out or overpower your face. A Vitra Eyewear line that carries gorgeous colors is Jacques Marie Mage, the most sought after line in the eyewear industry.


3 | It’s Not a Fad, It’s a Lifestyle How to Choose Glasses

Photography By: Will Hare

Picking out the right frames for your lifestyle is a very important factor and something best to discuss with a specialist. “Be sure to take into consideration where you will wear them most,” says Ahorro. If you work in a corporate setting, you may want a more polished look like Chopard, Cartier and Gold & Wood; if you are active and into sports, you may want titanium frames that are strong, light and versatile like specialized sportswear from lines like Maui Jim and Vuarnet. Or if you know you are hard on your glasses, try stainless steel frames like ic! berlin and Mykita or carbon fiber frames by BLAC. 

Native Knowledge: Japanese Zylonite and Mazzucchelli Acetates are the superior plastic to use on frames because of strength and vibrancy of color. Most of the collections in the store use either one.

4 | Don’t Forget Your Purpose 

Although frames are the fun part, don’t forget the reason for wearing glasses: your vision! Vitra Eyewear has access to really any and all lenses, such as Carl Zeiss, Varilux, Shamir and more. You want to make sure the lenses you have fit your frames well. Talk to your optician about which type of lens material will be best suited for your prescription, which will help you determine the most aesthetically pleasing frames. 

Native Knowledge: The founders of Vitra Eyewear are some of the biggest and most influential names in the industry. They champion independent designers from all over the world like Linda Farrow, Matsuda, Gold & Wood and many more—rather than big box brands—for their boutique-style shops.


5 | Make a Spectacle!

Eyewear has become such a big part of style—glasses truly are a great way to express your uniqueness. “As cliché as it sounds, glasses really are a window to your soul,” says Ahorro. Chances are when you wear glasses, they are one of the first things people see when they look at you. “We carry Matsuda and the new John Varvatos collection for a polished yet edgy look with a hint of gothic, and la Eyeworks, an iconic eyewear line based in LA, has funkier shapes and color ways in their frames that are amazingly wearable. We want to help you be true to yourself and be fabulous while doing so!” says Ahorro. Different frames give you the opportunity to be bold and show off your style in fun or classic ways.


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Photographed By: Will Hare
Model: Mayra Tinajero of  Brand Models and Talent Agency 




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