Pure Barre - busy moms tips
Credit: Katie Oswald
Pure Barre - busy moms tips
Credit: Katie Oswald

5 Pro Tips for Busy Moms Looking to Get Healthy in 2023

This Pure Barre Studio Owner and Mom Gives Us Her Best Piece of Advice

Post holiday season, ringing in the new year, finding time to come up with resolutions—nobody is busier than a mom during this time of year, and we mean nobody. From recovering from coordinating (and surviving) the holiday season to hosting, cooking, gathering, decorating, cleaning, dressing, buying, wrapping and finally enjoying, moms often find themselves running on fumes as New Year’s Day inches closer. So we turned to Monica Grubin, fitness aficionado and fellow mom, to tell us how to keep our minds, bodies and spirits bright going into the new year. As the owner of Pure Barre Newport Beach (and multiple other OC locations), Grubin is no stranger to bending over backwards (literally) for her job and her family. In order to maintain her stamina and her sanity during this busy season, Grubin lives by these five principles.


1 | Ready, Sweat, Go!

busy moms tips
Credit: Katie Oswald

Grubin recommends moving your body five times a week. This can be as simple as a walk with a friend or as sweaty as a spin class at Grit Cycle, but it’s so important to get that movement in to flush toxins and offset those sometimes sinful holiday habits. As an owner and instructor herself, Monica suggests her barre classes as a great, low-impact workout for maximum benefits with minimal movement. Infrared saunas like the ones at Perspire or Saunatica are also great to sweat out that sweet potato casserole with the extra marshmallows you simply can’t resist.


2 | H2O in 2023

Water, water and more water! Staying hydrated is crucial, and drinking more water in 2023 should be one of your goals for the new year. Though, as Grubin warns, all water is not created equal. She highly recommends investing in a Kangen water system, which is an alkaline water producer that is hydrogen-rich and allows water to retain all the good minerals essential to hydration. Grubin tries to drink her body weight in ounces per day, but most experts say drinking half your weight in ounces is a good rule of thumb.



3 | Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Quality is key when it comes to shopping clean and living healthy. Grubin likes to live by the 80/20 approach, where she is strict with her diet 80% of the time and a little bit more relaxed the other 20%. Indulging during the holidays is inevitable, but moderation is key, especially moving into the new year. If you overdo it at a family gathering, don’t stress—it’s important to give yourself the space to just enjoy. Whenever she needs a reset, however, Grubin opts for a salad from Vibe Kitchen on 17th St and does a grocery haul from locally loved Mothers Market to ensure her family is being nourished with whole foods and healthy alternatives.


4 | Don’t Forget About Y-O-U

Prioritize yourself and your needs to avoid burnout. Grubin says that her girlfriend does a “three for me approach,” which is “three things a day you do just for you. It makes you a better mom, wife, partner, business owner, etc.” A classic mom trait is to put everyone else first, so it’s important to take care of yourself as much as you take care of others.


5 | Kill the Negativity

busy moms tips - Pure Barre
Credit: Katie Oswald

“Negativity sabotages you. Be nice to yourself and find that internal mantra with zero judgment. There is enough judgment in the world. You get better results in life by staying positive,” says Grubin. There is so much to get done during the holidays and moving into the new year, so it’s inevitable that a few things will fall through the cracks. Give yourself some grace, say no to things that don’t serve you or your family and avoid over-committing. Stay present and be positive—it’s time to welcome 2023 with a fresh start and clear mind! 


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