Trip Out at the Museum of Illusions in Hollywood

Get Ready to Have Your Mind Blown!

Written By: Sorina Szakacs Museum of Illusions

Become a giant. Float on Rose Dawson’s door as the Titanic sinks in the background. Surf a giant wave. Dodge lava. Step on the edge of a skyscraper with the world at your feet. Maybe even let yourself get wrapped in a giant soap bubble. Illusions are real, and what better place to experience all that than in the heart of Hollywood?

The Museum of Illusions opened its doors for those who want to escape the reality of the packed Hollywood Boulevard and emerge into a world of fantasy and mind-blowing experiences where everyone becomes a part of the art. Using optical illusion techniques, five international artists gathered under the same roof and gave the museum a series of paintings meant to make everyone who visits an active participant in an abstract world of imagination.

While you have plenty of options for things to do and see in Hollywood, the Museum of Illusions is the only place where you can experience the idea and the effects of optical illusion not only as a passive viewer but by becoming a part of it all. Take an umbrella, and stand next to Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street: A Rainy Day,” and in seconds you have become part of the art, and you are also traveling in time to 1877 Paris with its wide streets and the romantic lifestyle. Or, you can reenact the iconic scene from Titanic by laying down on a wooden door à la Rose Dawson in the film. And yes, this is the perfect place to try and see if the door was wide enough for two people or not.

If the above-mentioned exhibits don’t fit your fancy, have no fear, as the museum has plenty options for all tastes. You can get on a surfboard with a Great White shark, jump over a cracked sidewalk during a massive earthquake, run away from an active volcano, become a giant burger, have the Statue of Liberty pour you a glass of soda or drink margaritas next to your two new canine friends in a mob bar.

If we have sparked your curiosity, you can visit the museum anytime between 10 a.m. and midnight. And bring your camera, because photography is not only encouraged but is a vital part of the experience. And if you are worried about not getting the perfect pictures, choose the VIP tour which offers bypassing the line, an individualized schedule, personal photo shooting and a special gift. “For the VIP experience, we will be the ones taking pictures, so that everyone in your party can become an active participant at the same time,” said Elijah Winter, the photographer at the museum.

“The museum is for people of all ages. For couples, for families and even for big groups!” he added.

Native Knowledge: Tickets can be purchased at the door for $25 depending on availability. Admission is free for children five years old and younger. Tickets for children aged six-12 are $10, and they offer military, student, senior and group discounts. No food, drinks, dogs, rollerblades, or skateboards allowed.

Native Knowledge: Watch an interactive video of what you can expect from your time at the museum!

Native Knowledge: To take the perfect picture, look for the purple camera images on the floor to position yourself at the right angle. You will become a master of illusion photography!

Museum of Illusions
6751 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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