Photo By: James McDaniels
Photo By: James McDaniels

TVG Horse Racing Analyst Britney Eurton Takes Us Around the Track

The Quick Hits with the Esteemed Horse Racing Analyst Britney Eurton

Written by: Tyler Holland Britney Eurton

The Expert: Britney Eurton, TVG Reporter

Born in Glendora, California, Britney Eurton, who reports for TVG, was meant to go into the world of entertainment and horse racing analysis from an early age—Britney’s father trained horses for over 35 years.

Britney’s love for horse racing, however, came later. Given her father was a trainer, Britney grew up in the sport, but like most teenagers, she went through the “not wanting to hang out with the parents” phase.

When asked about a memorable moment of hers, Britney fondly looked back at an experience she had at the Kentucky Derby. “It was 2014 and the first Saturday in May. It was the first time my father had a horse running in the Kentucky Derby, and that alone, was a true honor. Our horse’s name was Dance With Fate, and since coming into our life, he took us on a journey we could’ve never expected. The Derby is a once in a lifetime experience, and I’ll never forget the roar of the crowd as the nineteen horses broke out of the starting gate. We may not have won that day, but I will never forget the thrill of watching him run.”

Britney started in the horse racing industry in 2014. Early that year, Britney was approached by TVG for an audition for the role of host. Britney describes it as a nerve-wracking experience as broadcasting was foreign to her at that time, but her love for and knowledge of horse racing combined with her experience in front of the camera proved to be a winning combination. She began covering social media, was quickly promoted to part-time reporter, and then earned her current role as a full-time host and reporter.

Horse Racing 101

  • Paddock: This is the walking ring the race horses enter before heading to the track. This is also where the jockeys jump aboard their respective horses. 
  • Winners Circle: Pretty self-explanatory, but the Winners Circle is where the winning horse and connections get their photo taken after a race.
  • Starting Gate: Depending on the length of the race, the starting gate is where the horses will load into to begin the race
  • Frontside vs. Backside: Frontside refers to the race track where the action is taking place, whereas the backside is where the horses are stabled.
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