Credit: Volo San Diego
Credit: Volo San Diego

Need New Friends in San Diego? Here’s How to Make Them Without Going to Bars Every Weekend

Making New Friends and Building Community—Here’s Why This Recreational Sports League in San Diego Will Be Your New Favorite Activity

Finding yourself a little less happy at your weekly happy hour? Trade those beers for balls and sign up with Volo Sports San Diego, a recreational sports league promoting physical and mental wellbeing in the San Diego community. Breaking up the week and staying active keeps your body in motion and your mind in check, adding balance to your work week. Volo hosts a variety of sports leagues around the city of San Diego, ranging from social to competitive levels to ensure that every player has the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choosing. Here are five perks of joining a San Diego recreational sports league! Volo Recreational Sports League


An Easy and Entertaining Way to Stay Active

Credit: Volo San Diego

In adulthood, recreational and team-building activities feel less available. Volo provides a fun opportunity for adults to join a co-ed league–solo, with friends or as a team. They currently offer 12 sports to choose from, including volleyball, kickball, softball, soccer and tennis to name a few. The leagues take place at rec centers, schools, beaches and even popular private clubs everywhere from North Park to Mission Beach. 

Local Insight: Looking for something a little different? Volo also offers flip cup and corn hole tournaments all week long at participating bars as well as one-off events throughout the year, such as 5Ks and the annual fun-filled bus trip down to the Del Mar horse races.

Volo Recreational Sports League

A Great Way to Meet New People (or Even Your Soulmate!)

Great Way to Meet New People
Credit: Volo San Diego

Post-game, find the leagues’ surrounding bars bustling with teams bonding over a post-game debrief, cultivating friendships and booming business for local bars. Many players have found some of their best friends or even spouses through their Volo teams. Director of Operations Ducote Contreras recalls a favorite instance: “We’ve had a number of people get married from meeting through leagues; a good friend of mine who’s played with us for 11 years proposed to his girlfriend on the field where they met playing kickball. It happens all of the time, and when you’re with like-minded people, it just happens naturally.” When you join a team or play against those with a shared goal of staying active and healthy, you’re bound to find a sense of community and form strong bonds with your teammates both on and off the field. 


A Healthy Switch Up From Bottomless Brunches

Committing to a once-a-week recreational league is a great way to keep busy and avoid what seems to be the inevitable mid-week happy hour or bottomless brunch. Volo is working to shift the young-adult culture entirely. When you have teammates relying on you to show up as your best, you’re a lot less likely to drink one too many tequila sodas the night before your game. “Though we aren’t officially considered a health and wellness company, I do definitely think what we offer helps people’s well-being. Spending an hour playing sports in place of your basic happy hour just naturally helps people be happy and have more fun,” says Contreras.


Volo Recreational Sports League

Your Participation Supports Youth Programs

Supports Youth Programs
Credit: Volo San Diego

When you play Volo, you’re not only enriching your own life but the lives of others as well. The Volo Kids Foundation provides access to free youth recreational sports leagues for children with little to no access to extracurriculars. Picking up a sport keeps kids busy and healthy year-round and supports parents with once-a-week child care. Contreras explains plans for growth in the future: “We’re looking forward to expanding to more parts of the city in need. It’s something we’re keeping top of mind with everything we do moving forward.” The more adults that participate in Volo, the more funding that goes towards kids leagues, making it a full-circle win-win for everyone.


Volo San Diego
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