You Voted! Here Are Your Favorite Dermatologists in Orange County

These Doctors Are Making Your Skin Troubles Disappear

Written By: Jessica Ourisman Orange County Dermatologists

Along with world-class beaches, year-round sunshine, and a buzzing social scene, Orange County plays host to a thriving market for skincare and skin health. In fact, OC contains a number of industry-leading dermatologists who integrate research and technology into their private practices, offering patients the most innovative treatments that the field has to offer for both medical and cosmetic concerns. You voted on your favorite OC dermatologists, and we sat down with the top five winners to find out what it is that makes each so special. These exemplary doctors are devoted to their patients and are innovators within their specializations, offering much more than their expertise to the medical community and OC at-large.

Orange County Dermatologists

Laila Elkeeb, MD, FAAD, Elkeeb Dermatology

Q: What excites you the most about going to work every day?

Dr. Laila Elkeeb: The thing that gets me up in the morning every day is knowing that I’ll be doing my best to take care of and have a positive impact on my patients’ lives. If I can make the slightest change in their day to put a smile on their face, and make them radiate from the inside out, that’s what makes my day, and that’s why I do what I do.

Q: In your opinion, what is unique about your practice?

LE: Our mission statement is that every patient is treated like they are our most important priority…because they are! We don’t have a waiting room model, so when a patient comes in, the entire office and staff is there for them. Each patient is different and it is really important that adequate time is spent with them to assess and figure out how to properly treat them.

Q: What’s next for your practice?

LE: I’m always looking to innovate and find the best new treatments for my patients. My next goal is to find a way to help not only my patients, but people from all around the world to take care of their skin, and to really let their beauty shine from the inside out!

Q: It’s clear that medicine is your passion, after all, you started medical school at 16! Can you tell us about recent technology and/or advancements in treatments that you’re excited to offer your patients?

LE: Most recently, I’m really impressed with how the results of my ‘Turn Back Time’ face and neck lifts have turned out. This is a revolutionary procedure that is drastically changing the lives of my patients. It’s a face and neck lift with no cutting of excess skin at all! And the best part is, it has minimal downtime, so my patients are able to continue with their busy schedules without having to [take time off] for too long.

Q: It’s pretty amazing to have developed your own line of chemical peels. Please share with readers what inspired you to develop them, or what is unique about them.

LE: Practicing dermatology over the years, I’ve learned that no two skin types are alike. With that being said, to truly get amazing results for your patients, everyone needs a custom formulation to tackle their unique areas of concern. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the market that covers so many different conditions, so I started mixing and formulating unique peel concoctions for patients at my practice.

2600 East Coast Hwy, Ste 200
Corona Del Mar, CA, 92625

vOrange County Dermatologists

Neda Mehr, MD, Pure Dermatology

Q: What excites you the most about going to work every day?

Dr. Neda Mehr: What excites me the most about going to work every day is that I know our patients are taking time out of their busy lives to address an issue that concerns them. Since the health of our skin is an external manifestation of our internal health and wellness, it is truly energizing to see patients through their concerns, and then be able to work on a stable preventative routine to achieving overall wellness, often from the inside out!

Q: In your opinion, what is unique about your practice?

NM: One of my absolute favorite problems to address is hair loss, especially in women. As a woman, we draw so much of our self-confidence and sense of beauty from our hair, that if it begins to thin, or we start losing our hair, it can be quite distressing. I know this first-hand since it happened to me. I became one of the first practices in Orange County to offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to our patients for hair loss. As one of the first patients myself, I quickly discovered less painful ways to administer this cutting-edge treatment, and utilize all the latest and greatest in comprehensive medicine to evaluate, treat, and supplement our patients with hair loss, for both women and men.

Q: Please share a career highlight or a career goal.

NM: I believe that the most unique aspect of our practice is the belief that inflammation is the root of most skin disease. The beauty of this approach is that there is something tangible that patients can do with this immediately upon leaving our office. We discuss the top 5 inflammatory foods to avoid and the ‘why’ [behind avoiding] them, and then give recommendations on the best diet consideration for patients with different skin diseases. One of my career highlights is when my patients come back and they are simply glowing with confidence about the way their skin looks, but the icing on the cake is they repeatedly say just how much more energy they have after taking our recommendations to heart!

Q: What’s next for your practice?

NM: We are really excited because we just opened up our second location in Irvine at the Hoag Health Center.

Q: You offer an impressive selection of high-end services, including your own line of skincare products! Can you tell us about a new technology, product, service or treatment that you’re excited to offer and why?

NM: We are thrilled to start offering the Silhouette InstaLift, a minimally invasive, non-surgical, ‘mini’ facelift that uses dissolving sutures to lift sagging skin of the mid and lower face; all done in under 1 hour in the office under local anesthetic, minimal downtime and immediate lifting results. The beauty of this treatment is that you get additional lifting effects achieved over time due to the entirely absorbable material that stimulates collagen production as it is absorbed by the skin, providing a long-lasting lifting solution. This technique leaves no scars and can be used on the face and neck, resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance [for] both our female and male patients.

500 Superior Ave, Ste 335
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Orange County Dermatologists

Michelle C. Hure, MD, Orange County Skin Lab

Q: In your opinion, what is unique about your practice?

MH: My practice offers a unique experience in that every patient sees me, instead of an NP/PA, and I take my time with everyone. In addition, being a board-certified dermatopathologist means that I interpret all my own biopsies and have a superior clinical correlation than other dermatologists.

Q: What’s next for your practice?

MH: It’s an exciting time right now for me. After only one year in practice, we’re expanding our physical space and incorporating cutting-edge procedures. Having been a scientist/researcher prior to medical school, I believe in bringing in technologies that are grounded in strong clinical evidence and not gimmicks. As a result, I’m offering my patients (both male and female) sexual wellness and genital rejuvenation procedures that are life changing for such things as erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and pleasure enhancement.

Q: If you could give LOCALE’s OC readers one skincare tip, what would it be?

MH: I always tell my patients that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on skincare products. Again, my practice is rooted in science and evidence, and an expensive skincare line is not as good as a cheaper line. All you need is a decent sunscreen, moisturizer and cleanser. Let a prescription medication fix your particular issue after seeing a dermatologist.

Q: You’re known for running a ‘micro practice,’ which allows for optimal focus and attention to each of your patients. Can you tell readers more about the philosophy behind this and what it means to you?

MH: A micropractice is one that employs a limited staff and is efficiently run so more time can be spent with each patient. Most of my office visits run around 45 minutes to an hour, which is unheard of in the large assembly-line dermatology practices. Many patients are surprised that I’ll even answer the phones on a regular basis. This practice is an extension of me and I treat my patients like family.

Q: We hear you offer in-house custom prescription pharmaceuticals. Very exciting! Please explain for readers what this means for your patients.

MH: Many patients either come to me without insurance or they have high deductibles/co-pays for medications. Unfortunately, many dermatology medications are costly. I work closely with an FDA-licensed compounding pharmacy who makes many of the routine topical agents that would normally cost patients a lot of money. I’m able to offer them at a fraction of the cost and at the time of the visit. My patients love it.

31899 Del Obispo St, Ste 130
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Kathy Lee, MD, Halcyon Dermatology

Q: What excites you the most about going to work every day?

Dr. Kathy Lee: I enjoy the diversity of dermatology and caring for our patients with our wonderful team at Halcyon Dermatology. I am fortunate to work with the people I do every day on our mission for the best possible patient care.

Q: What’s next for your practice?

KL: I am working on launching a clinical research division dedicated to furthering our understanding of how to optimize our skincare products through genetic testing and personalized medicine.

Q: If you could give LOCALE’s OC readers one skincare tip, what would it be?

KL: Less is more! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have great skin. The most important components of your skincare should be a daily moisturizer and sunscreen. The best sunscreen is the one that you will use on a regular basis, not something that costs hundreds of dollars.

Q: You founded a nonprofit, En Plein Air, that provides laser scar removal to eligible patients with surgical or traumatic scars, in memory of your mentor. What has this experience been like for you?

KL: En Plein Air means into the open air and is reflective of the manner in which lasers vaporize skin to stimulate regrowth. My friend Vicki Stock fought a long battle with breast cancer and dedicated her life to bettering herself through knowledge and kindness. It has been an honor to treat our En Plein Air patients, each of whom has a unique story about each of the scars they carry on their body. Treatments of scars have changed through the years, and now we have more evidence that starting treatments earlier, sometimes even before a scar occurs, will better affect the outcome of the scar.

Q: Your website mentions that you have expertise in developing specialized treatment plans to address the needs of ethnic skin types. What should readers know about this specialty?

KL: Ethnic skin refers to skin of color, or patients with darker skin or complexion. The majority of products and treatments that are available on the market are not specifically tested or optimized for skin of color, and some of these products can be harsh or irritating to certain skin types. Also, certain conditions like melasma and keloids are more common in ethnic skin, and it is critical that a treatment plan is developed that takes into account the skin type when treating these conditions. Lasers have to be adjusted to the appropriate settings when skin has more melanin, otherwise permanent damage can be done to the skin, and many patients need to be treated with certain medications prior to any skin procedures.

24431 Calle de la Louisa, Ste 200
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

David Sire, MD

Q: What excites you the most about going to work every day?

Dr. David Sire: I get up early in the morning, at 3:30 a.m., to focus on the new day and to take time to exercise and pray. It energizes me for the day and helps to focus on being the best dermatologist that I can be for my patients and staff. It is such an honor to be a physician, to know that you are doing your best to help your patients and be grateful that they entrust their skincare to you.

Q: In your opinion, what is unique about your practice?

DS: Our practice is first and foremost directed towards providing excellent medical and cosmetic care for our patients. Our staff is dedicated to being understanding and listening to the needs of our patients. We strive to have the best staff, lasers and devices, as well as taking the time to really understand our patients’ needs.

Q: Please share a career highlight or a career goal.

DS: Over the years, the practice has grown from purely medical, to one that encompasses cutting-edge surgical, as well as cosmetic, procedures. I have focused more on pigmented lesions, especially melanoma, and more surgical dermatological care, including Mohs micrographic surgery, in the last few years, as we have seen such an increase in skin cancer. We have our own accredited surgery center in which we can perform a broad range of surgeries in a safe and secure environment for our patients. We also have our own lab to process surgical pathology specimens and frozen sections for our skin cancer surgery.

Q: What’s next for your practice?

DS: I am asked ‘what is new’ frequently. This is such an exciting time in dermatology, as we have several targeted therapies available for some of the most challenging skin problems that we face, like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne, as well as new therapies to deal with sun damage and skin-aging. There are more new drugs and procedures on the way to our patients. We are using combination therapies and devices to improve outcomes. This is one time where more is better.

Q: If you could give LOCALE’s OC readers one skincare tip, what would it be?

DS: My advice to us all is the old adage that prevention is the best treatment. I have been a strong advocate of sun protective behavior, avoiding tanning booths, the use of sun-protective clothing, and sunblock each day.

301 W. Bastanchury Rd, Ste 210
Fullerton, CA 92835


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