5 Ways to Build the Best Living Wall in Orange County

Your New Living Wall From Instant Jungle Will Have Everyone Green With Envy

Written By: Jane Adler
Photographed Provided By: Instant Jungle Best Living Wall

Turn your home into an Instant Jungle with a living wall that is bound to breathe new life into your abode (literally). Flaunt your new floral furnishing, and your friends will be seeing green. Instant Jungle‘s vertical garden offerings are built to fit any home, commercial space or event, and aim to impress. Here are five things to consider when constructing and maintaining a living wall!


1 | It’s Terra up My Heart Best Living Wall

Depending on your space, there are three different types of applications to decide on. Clients can choose whether they want a tray, module or TerraScreen wall to suit their needs. The TerraScreen version requires no drainage because plants are self-contained, whereas module and tray are for exterior use only and need a source of water for irrigation.

Native Knowledge: The tray system requires between two to four weeks to make sure the plants succeed and have some fullness, but a TerraScreen only takes a few hours to install. The module system is the most complex, requiring around three months to cultivate and is used primarily for commercial use.


2 | Let There Be Light Best Living Wall

Light levels are crucial for your living wall to thrive, so picking plants that reflect the sun exposure of your surface is key. Depending on which direction your wall faces, low light plants could be required to keep things clean and green. Properly watering your wall is another way to keep your newest additions looking spry. “Consistency is key,” Greg Wallace, president of Instant Jungle, notes. “If you water them heavy, water them heavy every time. More importantly, put them on a calendar. Stay on that consistency. And then when you’re putting them in, check on light levels. Lighting is the key issue.”


3 | Do It for the Aesthetics Best Living Wall

Design concepts should be meticulously mulled over so that your living wall reflects its surroundings. This includes choosing a frame and a method to adhere your garden to its new vertical home. Instant Jungle works hand-in-hand with landscapers and customers to ensure that the wall is functional, aesthetically pleasing and matches its environment.

4 | Nurturing Nature

Think of this like a pool man for your plants. Instant Jungle wants to ensure that your plants flourish and are not a “root it and boot it” type business. Their maintenance program provides a rotation warranty at no additional cost that guarantees their work, meaning that they will replace any plant that isn’t prospering so that you get the most out of your purchases.


5 | True and Faux

Silk Wall Price Range: starts at $99 per sq. ft.
Live Wall Price Range: $90 per sq. ft. to $210 per sq. ft.

If all else fails, go faux. Instant Jungle offers a wide array of silk options that are the perfect alternative to the real deal. Opting for the inanimate takes the guesswork out of maintaining your living wall, and their imitations are so lifelike that you’ll be able to fool even the best of the botany world.

Instant Jungle will help you put the “plan” in plants and create a beautiful botanical wonder for any wall. So go ahead, invest in a vertical garden — we’re rooting for you, and so will Instant Jungle!

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