Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps
Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs @visitgreaterps

6 Experiences at Coachella You Can’t Miss + the Cannabis Products to Go With Them

Saying High From Coachella

Festival season is upon us, and there’s always one festival that seems to top everyone’s list. Every year 250,000 people gather in Coachella Valley to enjoy a wide-open, immersive space full of unique art installations, top-notch food and of course, an extensive music lineup for lovers of nearly every genre. For those looking to enhance their experience, look to Coachella LIGHTHOUSE Dispensary, less than a mile from the Indio Fairgrounds. You will find a curated choice of the best in flower, vapes, edible and other cannabis goods. LIGHTHOUSE will have special brand promotions and discounts throughout festival month, offered in-store or for pickup/delivery. Here are our picks on which products to pair with Coachella’s exclusive 2022 experiences. Weed Delivery Near Me


Product: Cannavis Syrup

Experience: Coachella Art Studios 2022

Credit: Cannavis

Trade your music for materials and take a break at the Coachella Art Studios, a creative space stocked with arts and crafts tools! Here, you can create a clay-molded masterpiece—there’s even a station filled with upcycled clothing that you are free to cut, twist, and shred until you’ve found yourself with a uniquely-you piece of clothing. Start mixing and matching and shake up a beverage using Cannavis Syrup, a fruit-flavored, THC-enhanced syrup that mixes deliciously into any drink. The 600mg of THC is sure to intensify your creative process!

Weed Delivery Near Me

Product: Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

Experience: The Dome Dance Party

Credit: Papa & Barkley

The Dome awaits those that (somehow) haven’t hit their dancing limit for the day. Night owls can get their groove on in this sound-encapsulating space at 1 a.m. each night of the festival. For the ride-or-die friends that are feeling conflicted about raging into the night, we’ve got the solution. The Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm is here to rescue any tired, sore muscles and joints, keeping you from a night full of funk. Liberally apply this all-natural, whole-plant cannabis balm everywhere it hurts, and wait seconds as it works its menthol magic. This 1:3 THC to CBD ointment is powerful on pain, gentle on skin and proven to keep the party going.


Product: Hydrotic Vanilla Kush

Experience: Explore the Many Art Installations

Credit: Hydrotic

It’s impossible not to immerse yourself in the world of art and architecture at Coachella, with its large, breathtaking sculptures and visual wonders at every turn. Each art installation tells a unique story carefully crafted by the diverse visual artists trying their hand at making the festival grounds more than meets the eye. These incredible installations are always open to the viewer’s interpretation, and a little help never hurts. Take a few puffs of the high-quality Hydrotic Vanilla Kush and see the artwork from a fresh perspective. What you may have glanced at in passing will have you stopped in your tracks in awe of the highly-celebrated returning installations and brand new pieces.

Weed Delivery Near Me

Product: Stiiizy BIIIG Premium Kit

Experience:: Play Games in the Activities Tent

A few hours at the main stage earns you some unwind time. Head to the activities tent to kick back with a friendly game!. Of course, nothing at Coachella would quite belong without it being the biggest and best variation! Prepare for a round of giant Jenga or life-sized foosball after a few puffs of the in-theme Stiiizy BIIIG Premium Vaporizer. This portable, discreet vaporizer provides high-quality cannabis to deliver high potency and purity wherever it goes. Sit back, relax and get yourself in the right mind for a winning streak in the activities tent because advanced players need an advanced vaporizer. We aren’t just foosballin’ around here.

Product: Cookie Dough X Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll

Experience: Outstanding In The Field Dinner Experience

Credit: Outstanding in the Field

VIP? Yeah, we’re pretty important partiers. Enjoy a true VIP experience in the tranquil VIP Rose Garden, which will set the scene for the seventh annual Outstanding In the Field Dinner Experience. Take a seat and relax at a full-service, four-course family-style meal put on by celebrated chefs in this hidden gem of the valley. This dining experience includes a welcome cocktail, beer and regional wine. Purchase tickets in advance for any night of the festival and prepare for the intimate experience with a few puffs of the hybrid Cookie Dough X Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll. This handcrafted, delicious joint is a simple way to enhance each bite of top-notch cuisine and maximize relaxation time.

Weed Delivery Near Me

Product: West Coast Cure Edibles

Experience: Camping + Chillin’ at the Safari Campgrounds

Credit: West Coast Cure Edibles

Consider yourself a Coachella connoisseur? It might be time to go all out and book this year’s experience at the Safari campgrounds. These aren’t your standard, everyday campsites—these are luxurious Safari tents complete with furnishings, an air-conditioned Safari Lounge and facilities. End your day of dancing by unwinding and taking full advantage of all your high-end lodging has to offer. Bond with your campground mates over a few West Coast Cure Edibles! Enjoy the sweet flavors of these 10mg cannabis-infused gummies and make your way to the air-conditioned Safari Lounge for the late-night snack options included for campground guests. Tents fill up quickly, so book as far in advance as possible.

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