You Won’t Believe How Many Benefits Come From Perspire Sauna Studio

Lee Braun and Ken Arsenian Talk Shop

Written By: Erica Johnson
Photographed By: Nathan Whelan

Experts: Lee Braun and Ken Arsenian
Credentials: Owners of Perspire Sauna Studio

Q: What drew you to the sauna business? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Lee Braun: Ken and I jumped on board very early on after trying infrared saunas for the first time. After some first-hand experience at how great we felt afterwards, we knew people would gravitate towards the service.

Ken Arsenian: I tried it once back in the day and was hooked; the way I felt afterwards was amazing! At that point, I knew we had something special that we needed to grow into a business for others to benefit from.

Q: How are infrared saunas different from steam and dry saunas, and what benefits do they offer?

LB: Infrared safely warms your core temperature two to three degrees rather than steam or dry saunas that only warm the air around you. Infrared saunas are providing a far more penetrating detox than the surface level sweat you are getting at a traditional sauna.

KA: Our saunas allow you to stay in for 40 minutes and recognize the core benefits of relaxation, detoxification and weight loss.

Q: What can someone expect when they go to Perspire Sauna for the first time?

LB: We really spend time making sure each new client has a solid understanding of what infrared does and what to expect throughout the session.  

KA: First-time visitors can expect to feel great after their first visit. Our staff will walk you through the process from how much water to drink, what to wear and what to expect after.  A vast majority of clients walk out feeling great after one visit and love their experience!

Q: With technology continuing to improve, what advancements can we expect in the sauna industry?

LB: The next steps will add more feedback on each client’s sauna session. Calorie watches, sweat/toxin analysis and heart rates are all things we aim to be able to track in the future.

KA: We work very closely with our sauna manufacturer and are always trying to raise the bar when it comes to technology. Down the road, we hope to see built-in monitors and visual displays that show key personal metrics (heart rate, blood pressure and calorie loss) while sitting in the sauna.  

Q: What makes Perspire Sauna different from other sauna businesses?

KA: We have experience and expertise that comes from being first to market seven years ago in Orange County. We also pride ourselves on doing one thing and doing it well.

Q: What are some pro tips you would give to someone trying out Perspire Sauna?

LB: We always recommend coming to the studio hydrated and ready to relax. The whole point is to detox from your day and spend 40 minutes focusing on feeling better. For some people, it’s the only 40 minutes they have to themselves all day.

Q: What do you hear people say about the saunas at Perspire?

LB: The best things we hear people say are how much the saunas have helped them with specific ailments or simply how nice of a break it is from the daily grind.  My personal favorite compliment is when I am told our front desk team is so friendly!

KA: We constantly hear great feedback from our customers. Some have used the detoxification component to help beat addiction, rid the body of toxins (such as chemotherapy) and others use our saunas to help achieve fitness goals, which is always rewarding to hear.

Photoshoot Location:
Perspire Sauna Studio
19330 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Skip the Gym and Burn Calories at Perspire Sauna Studio

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