7 Party Planning Tips From the Experts at Oxford Social Club

Ryan Labbe and Jason Craig Dish on How to Party Like Rockstars

Written By: Jordan Ligons NYE at Oxford

The countdown is on! Planning for your next ultimate party is in full swing and you’re looking for some expert advice. Well, look no further than Oxford Social Club partners and party pros, Ryan Labbe and Jason Craig. See below for seven tips and tricks on how to get your party bumpin’ like your favorite San Diego nightclub.

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Strategy and Planning

“Well, this portion starts with a few questions. What’s the event? Is there a theme? Talent? Who’s the target demographic, what’s the overall goal? These things need round table discussion with your team so you can think through the concept fully from head to toe as well as budget, all costs associated, sponsors, etc.”

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Unique Marketing and Social Media

“Create a unique look that grabs people’s attention while staying in the same theme as the brand you have created. With social media these days, you need to go above and beyond. Creating awareness in a way that drives traffic back to your sites and creates interest in the event you’re throwing.”

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Invited Guests

“Can’t have a good party without the right crowd in attendance! Your mass target demo should be reached through your marketing and social media. Your key influencers, clients, etc. need a bit more personal attention. Personal invites and inclusion on unique pieces created for the event are key. Also, going back to the grassroots, you have to go shake some hands and talk to people. This still goes a long way!”

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Promotion

“Promotion of any event party is a key element to success. While there is digital promotion, these days you still have to do the groundwork. Visitations of other industry groups, gyms, stores, local eateries etc. Flyers are an old-school method, but to maintain market share [it] still needs to be done in the proper locations.”

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Event Execution

“All event details from top to bottom need to be communicated to everyone on the team. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for any and everything!”

  1. Be A Good Host  

“Smile. No matter how hectic or crazy it gets, stay calm and collected. At the end of the day your party is just that—a party. People are there to have a good time, not to see you stressed out. Check in with your invited guests while maintaining things operationally.”

 NYE at Oxford

  1. Post Event

“Last piece to all this is reminding everyone how good of a time they had, and also letting the people know who weren’t there what they missed out on. Digital machine gets moving again with social posts, videos, pictures etc. showcasing the event and the people.”

Want to see these tips IRL? Buy your tickets now to Oxford Social Club’s NYE ‘18 party here. With sounds by DJ Cobra and hosted by Stoli Elit Ballerinas, ring in the new year in luxury.

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Get all Your Party-Throwing Tips From This Oxford Social Club Duo

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