Photo By: The Rambling Man / Wikimedia
Photo By: The Rambling Man / Wikimedia

A Guide to the Secrets of Angel Stadium

Everything You Need to Know for Game Day

Written By: Blake Pinto A Guide to the Secrets of Angel Stadium

Baseball is back! The best sporting event for people who could care less about sports is upon us. You don’t need to know who Mike Trout is to enjoy an ice-cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with the family, but you do need to know the best place to find that ice-cold beer. If you plan on heading out to a game this season, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This is the guide to the secrets of Angel Stadium.

The Best Cheap Seats

There’s nothing quite like the nosebleeds. Just walking to your seat feels like it takes an hour as you traverse the twists and turns of ramps and escalators. Then, you better have brought the binoculars, or something to read, because you won’t be watching the game; it’s nearly impossible to make out what’s going on thousands of feet below, anyway. But guess what? If you’re fine with standing, you can skip the hike altogether. Just buy your $10-$20 ticket and casually stroll around the 200 section on the terrace level the entire game, stopping and watching each play at your leisure. Security usually has no problem with it and you’ll have the same view as people who paid more than double your amount for their tickets, simply minus a permanent seat. At least until you snatch one from someone who rolled out early in the 7th. Sucka’!


Beware of Bobblehead Night

Prepare yourself beforehand, mentally and physically. With bobbleheads going anywhere from $10-$100 nowadays, a frenzied crowd awaits you at the entrance gates. What’s that you said, little boy? You want my bobblehead because you’re collecting them for your sick little sister? Yeah right you little con artist, but well played.  Be sure to protect your free bobblehead throughout the evening. Seriously, do not underestimate the cutthroat nature of bobblehead night.


Mmmmmm…Nacho Helmets

Okay, this one is probably not so much of a secret based on the lines it generates. But if you’re looking for bang for your buck then they’re hard to beat. Do you want a $5 hotdog or a helmet full of chips, peppers, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and chicken or beef for $17.50? Uh, nachos please! Now, the reason you’ll be willing to pay the extra few bucks is because these nachos aren’t half-assed. They put an entire layer of chips down, make sure to hit them with some cheesy goodness (because they’re smart enough to realize the inside of their chip mountain needs some love too), and then they slap another layer of chips on, top it with not one, but two scoops of meat (take a note, Chipotle) and a deliciously unhealthy amount of other toppings. Plus, it makes the actual helmet souvenir feel free. It’s like stealing a cool glass from a restaurant. That’s a thing, right?     


The Best Souvenir

Not many sports afford you the chance for a meet-and-greet the way baseball does. Looking to get a baseball signed? A t-shirt? Did you shave your chest hair just so you could replace the little curly hairs with the words ‘Albert Pujols’? No worries, simply show up to the railings of sections 101-103 and 133-135 up until 40 minutes prior to game time and there should be plenty of ink to go around.


And, of course, where to get your beer

The answer is simple, anywhere and everywhere. It’s a freakin’ baseball game. But, if you don’t want to be limited to paying $12 for a Bud or Coors then check out “Draft Pick” near Gate 2 where they’re equipped with a variety of delicious, ice cold beers. Just make sure you get your drink on before the end of the seventh, because no matter how sober you are the stadium will shut down its booze operation.
So, there you have it. Now get out to a game early for an autograph, and save money on your seating so you have more for helmet nachos and BEER! But most of all, stay safe, enjoy yourself and be sure to double check your ticket to see if it’s bobblehead night.

Angel Stadium
2000 E Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, CA 92806

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