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Meet the Name Behind the Brand of ARCHPOT

Written By: Diego E. Gaxiola 
Photographed By: Niki Cram Architectural Pottery

Founded over 45 years ago, ARCHPOT is a family-owned small business behind the design and creation of breathtaking fire and water features and gorgeous pottery, found in a multitude of locations around the country. “Something a lot of people don’t know, being a smaller family business, is that we are in some pretty well-known hot spots. The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Fashion Island and Pelican Hill in Orange County and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC,” explains ARCHPOT’s General Manager Tim Hall. An Orange County local, Hall, reminisces of his humble beginnings, detailing how the company transformed from a wholesale nursery to a highly-reputable manufacturer. 

Thinking back to his childhood, Hall states, “I have always been creative and originally wanted to become an architect.” After Hall and his family moved from Mission Viejo to Tustin, he began to shadow his father, immersing himself in the art of pottery creation and familiarizing himself with the challenges often faced when running a business. “The family business started off with plants—we were a wholesale nursery. Later came the marriage of plants and imported pottery, creating Architectural Pottery in 1989,” he says. Hall attributes a lot of his creativity to others’ creations on social media. “People inspire me. I like to see what is out there, and I ask myself how I can do better. How can I put a product out there that people will want in their home or business space?” In 2019, 30 successful years later, the family decided to rebrand the company, unveiling the name ARCHPOT

“Of course, in every family business, there are challenges. Any challenge we have had has resulted in growth,” explains Hall. With the continued expansion of the company, Hall and his team are able to focus on delivering products that truly distinguish themselves from others in the market. From the material and finish process to ARCHPOT’s utilization of high-tech and lightweight cement, the company is constantly striving to create products that exemplify expert craftsmanship.  

15161 Van Buren St 
Midway City, CA 92655
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