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Pottery Providing Sophisticated Class and Elemental Zen Has Never Been So Effortless

Written By: Elyse Ford
Photography Provided By: Steve Julien Best Outdoor Fire Water Features

When creating your ideal space, you surely dream of an atmosphere that’s perfect for cozy date nights and get-togethers with friends and family. Archpot offers statement pieces that look like they’re hand-selected from Mediterranean villas or Grecian temples, providing a warm, fiery glow and the sounds of cascading waterfalls in your homey haven. Archpot knows what they’re doing; General Manager Tim Hall notes they’re “the original fire vessel company, with over 25 years experience in GFRC casting and concrete finishing.” In other words: you and your home are in good hands!


1 | Meet You at the Round Fire Table Orange County Backyard Features

Fire “pit” doesn’t quite suffice for the top-notch entertainment and food you’ll be serving up at this dual-use Fire Table. Coming in a variety of shapes (rectangular, square and circular), all Fire Tables have flat tops around the edge, which is convenient for kicking up your feet or placing your drink down. Choose between Fire Tables that resemble natural stone, sleek wooden designs or cool smooth concrete—all sure to keep your guests present and engaged.

Native Knowledge: Archpot’s most popular product has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remotes. The “new centerpiece to your outdoor design” can also be manually operated or run by electronic ignition. 


2 | Ambiance Fit for the Gods Orange County Backyard Features

Can’t decide between the warmth of fire or the relaxing sound of water? With Archpot’s Fire and Water Bowls, you’ll get both elements! Create a spell-binding poolside scene with beacons of fire atop tall cylindrical vases and reverse pyramid bowls. You can’t get more sophisticated while water pours in seamless streams just beneath the fire (with glitzy fire glass, to boot)! Is this your backyard or James Bond’s hideaway? 

Native Knowledge: Control the Fire and Water Bowl from your phone! Hall assures it’s “compatible with most home or pool operating systems.” Before installing any Archpot product, the first thing you must consider is the location. “Next, you will need to determine the style and size of feature that best accommodates your needs,” Hall explains. “A professional designer or licensed contractor will be needed to specify and complete your installation project.”


3 | Zen’s in a Bowl Best Outdoor Fire Water Features

Hall advises adding water bowls and planter water bowls to “create your zen space and relax to the sound of falling water.” Concrete Water Bowls come from “architecturally-inspired designs,” whilst a unique Archpot planter bowl “with cascading water offers a cool effect to any landscape project.” Add succulents or whatever fauna your heart desires; these are the perfect pieces to harmoniously blend the earth and water elements together.  


4 | Plant One on ‘Em! Best Outdoor Fire Water Features

Archpot offers contemporary or traditional planters to spice-up your space with varying sizes and shapes. From tall rectangular pottery to stout circular ones, you can also peruse through the Frank Lloyd Wright collection that draws inspiration from the post-modern period. Also, say goodbye to trash cans and eyesores! Their “Trash, ash and recycle” section aesthetically camouflages your disposal as another pretty pottery piece. 

Native Knowledge: In describing Archpot’s process, Hall says Archpot has “in-house design and mold-making capabilities and collaborates with talented outside Landscape Designers and Architects.” All of their products “are handmade on site using durable, lightweight Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC: a blend of glass fibers, sand and cement cast into a smooth surface with a choice of unique concrete finish). Premium Finishes are applied and sun-cured—all made in Orange County, California.”

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