Throw Your Own Sunny Soiree With These 5 Tips From Hi Sweetheart Gift Boutique

Hi Sweetheart Brings All the Fun to the Yard—and All the Decorations, Too! 

Written By: Cori Deason
Photographed By: Kambria Fischer Backyard Party Essentials

Spring has sprung in San Diego, which means it’s time to uncover the backyard barbeque and whip up some warm-weather refreshments! Never thrown a sunny backyard soiree before? You’ve come to the right place! When it comes to intentionality and creativity, Hi Sweetheart Owner Molly Rossettie knows all. So whether this is your first backyard bash or you’re a seasoned host, Rossettie’s tips, tricks and (adorable) essentials are all you’ll need to get the party started.


1 | It’s Flam-azing Backyard Party Essentials

“A flamingo theme pretty much works for any type of party—a birthday party, baby shower, bachelorette—it’s versatile, fun and colorful, and lends itself to an island or tropical menu…mint mojitos, mini cuban sandwiches, plantain chips and dip, tropical fruit plate, mango and coconut sorbet for dessert.”

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2 | Game On Backyard Party Essentials

“We have a lot of friends with kids and we like to entertain a lot, so I always like to have something for the kids to do. When parents come, they want to enjoy the party, too, so we always try to have some sort of fun game or activity…corn hole, cookie decorating, giant jenga, etc.”


3 | Vini, Vidi, Vino

“The to-go wine glasses [from Goverre]…are glass, but if you drop it, or someone knocks it over, it won’t break. They are also dishwasher safe. Two San Diego locals, Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher, came up with the concept for these amazing wine glasses!”

Native Knowledge: Hi Sweetheart carries fun paper plates, napkins, cups, paper straws and bamboo flatware…all recyclable.


4 | Say Cheese! Backyard Party Essentials

“My husband, John, and I love to entertain, but I am terrible at taking photos. We found it fun to set up a themed photo backdrop with paper streamers, balloons and props with a Polaroid camera. We have collected a lot of funny hats, glasses and random costume items over time, so it’s just fun!”

Native Knowledge: Rossettie buys from 50-100 different vendors to fill every ounce of space in her boutique. Every item is handpicked personally by her with the thought that she would never buy something she wouldn’t give as a gift herself.


5 | Pump up the Volume 

“We always have a good playlist going. Music is so important. You can’t have people walking into a silent house.”


Hi Sweetheart Gift Boutique
7920 Ivanhoe Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

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