How Two Strangers Turned a Passion for Palm Springs Real Estate Into a Brokerage of Over 1,000 Agents

Meet Bob and Bob, the Co-Owners of Bennion Deville Homes

Written By: Diego E. Gaxiola 
Photographed By: Nathan Cox Bennion Deville Homes

Though their first names are the same, Bennion Deville Homes Co-Owners Bob Bennion and Bob Deville each provide their own unique industry knowledge and hands-on leadership approaches to those working at their brokerage. Bennion Deville Homes is a full-service brokerage focused on providing agents with the latest in marketing and technology platforms to ensure that every client’s experience is truly exceptional. What started as just eight agents in 2001 has now expanded to nearly 1,000, with Bennion and Deville proudly serving as role models and leaders of the boutique brokerage. “At Bennion Deville Homes, we are only as good as our agents and staff within our company,” explains Deville.  

Deville first obtained his Broker’s License in Washington State back in 1991, Deville first obtained his Broker’s License in Washington State back in 1991,…”noting his love for real estate first inspired him to purchase and upgrade various properties. “I began buying single-family properties and, if they didn’t have central air or a fenced backyard, I would add that,” reminisces Deville. He quickly became familiar with local market trends, and his real estate portfolio increased substantially. He adds, “What started as just a hobby turned into a pretty profitable venture and, at one point, I had about 35 to 40 properties.” 

It wasn’t until 1993 that Deville met Bennion in Seattle, which ultimately lead to the creation of the full-service brokerage we know today as Bennion Deville Homes. Bennion grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where he always enjoyed checking out local properties for sale and architecture in general. Bennion explains, “Every weekend I would go look at houses and realized I had a passion for real estate.” After obtaining his license in 1988, Bennion sold properties until ultimately forming a team with Deville in Seattle in 1993. 

One weekend, after he purchased a property in nearby Sun Valley, Idaho, Deville received a call from Bennion, who was planning to scope out a few properties in the Greater Palm Springs area that coming weekend. “I had never been to Palm Springs and, during the weekend we visited, we bought a house,” recalls Deville. The two fell in love with the region quickly and decided to learn more about the promising area. Bennion admits, “We are real estate addicts so, of course, we started looking at real estate in Palm Springs.” 

Motivated to truly immerse himself in the desert’s real estate market, Deville obtained his California Broker’s License. He joined a local Palm Springs company, and over the next couple of years became an expert of the region’s market and, more importantly, created a sense of trust between him and the community. 

Then, in 2001, Bennion and Deville opened up their own brokerage with the central mission of creating a client-first real estate experience through education, support and the empowerment of their network of real estate professionals. The full-service boutique brokerage quickly became a household name within the desert, greatly contributing to the overall elevation of real estate services within the Greater Palm Springs region. “We never planned on having a company as big as it has become,” says Deville. “When we started, we thought we’d have 15, maybe 20 agents. The reason it took off is because we were fresh, new and very professional.”  

Bennion explains his thought process as a fellow leader, saying that he and Deville hire new agents based on integrity and overall attitude. As leaders of the brokerage, both men understand that in order to provide clients with a truly exceptional experience, they as leaders must first create an uplifting work environment for agents. Now, nearly 19 years later, Deville and Bennion are thankful for the successful expansion of Bennion Deville Homes

Being in charge of such a successful company isn’t an easy job and both owners are constantly reminded of the importance of staff feedback and support. Deville adds, “We never make a decision within the company without first discussing amongst ourselves how it will best serve our agents.” 

Looking towards the future, both Bennion and Deville plan to continue their focus on providing a truly unprecedented client experience through their comprehensive sales and marketing services. More importantly, Bennion Deville Homes wants to continue making clients’ dreams a reality through world-class innovation, collaboration and a genuine love for real estate.  

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Diego Gaxiola was born and raised in Orange County and currently lives in Tustin. Outside of writing, he enjoys anything related to real estate, exploring different cities, and trying new foods. In addition, Diego is an expert when it comes to the The Real Housewives, though he will never admit to it in person.


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