Credit: Breadblok
Credit: Breadblok

12 Scrumptious Los Angeles Bakeries You Knead to Try

From Flaky Croissants to a Classic Birthday Cake… Prepare Your Tastebuds!  

Given its dazzling array of five-star restaurants, quaint coffeehouses and bustling rooftop bars, it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles also boasts an impressive roster of world-class bakeries. Whether it be a warm beignet to start the day or a timeless tiramisu to help unwind after a long shift, these bakeries offer some of the most comforting carbs in the city. So cut the calorie counter and pack an extra fork as we explore what makes these 12 confectioneries the very best that Los Angeles has to offer. Best Bakeries in LA


Gjusta Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Baklava Croissant

Tucked just a few blocks away from the shores of Venice Beach, this signless staple began as a commissary kitchen in 2014, providing fresh-baked goodness to their partners in the area. Today, Gjusta has expanded into the ultimate brunch destination. Offering up a seasonal selection of sandwiches, charcuterie and—of course—sweets, Gjusta’s commitment to bringing fresh, locally sourced SoCal flavors to busy beach-goers makes them a bakery worth beholding.

Location: Venice


EXP 12/11


Milo + Olive Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Warm Pound Cake

Seeking an authentic Italian cafe experience? Milo + Olive has you covered. Featuring a menu stacked to the borders with mouthwatering pastries, pastas and pizzas, this Santa Monica spot is sure to satisfy any craving you can conjure. Whether it be fruit-forward favorites, such as their mini gluten-free vegan chocolate banana cakes, or savory gems like their ever-popular Garlic Knot, this rustic spot brings a delectable slice of all-star, Italian eats to the West Coast. 

Location: Santa Monica



Breadblok Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Honey Lavender Cake

Bringing an elevated, conscious and modern twist to a timeless classic, Breadblok is the premier one-stop shop for all your gluten-free baked goods! This neighborhood favorite, located right in the heart of Santa Monica, was founded with one goal in mind: to take the gluten out of bread without sacrificing a morsel of taste or texture. Their acclaimed selection of fresh-baked breads, pastries and puddings are said to be even better than their gluten-inclusive counterparts—but we’ll let your taste buds be the judge!

Location: Santa Monica 


La Brea Bakery Cafe Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Avocado Toast

If it’s an authentic, tried-and-true classic you seek, look no further than La Brea Bakery Cafe. This quaint confectionery is the product of Nancy Silverton’s quest for the perfect, rustic bread recipe—a recipe so delectable that she often sold out before noon. What’s more? La Brea Bakery has been using this same recipe since their inception in the 1980s. So grab a loaf, take a seat and sink your teeth into this little slice of history.

Location: South La Brea Ave



Republique Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: S’mores Bombolini

Brilliantly patterned tile floors, rustic, exposed brickwork and twinkling, tungsten lights make this LA favorite one of the most Instagrammable spots on our list. Drawing on French influence, Republique’s delectable collection of sweets are some of the most photogenic in the entire city. Offering everything from specialty bombolinis to pristine salted-caramel cakes, Republique is here to make sure that you and your cameras eat like true French aristocrats.

Location: South La Brea Ave



Porto’s Bakery

Must-Try Item: Guava Strudel

Porto’s Bakery is the quintessential bake shop. With a seasonal menu that is constantly expanding, this gem draws on the Cuban roots of its creators, offering up some of the freshest fruit-forward pastries in the state. With over 50 different pastries and a refined selection of whole cakes to enjoy, Porto’s is a must-try for carb-cravers and croissant connoisseurs alike.

Locations: Burbank, Downey, Glendale



Superba Food + Bread

Must-Try Item: Croissant French Toast

Opening up a restaurant in LA with a month-long waitlist is impressive in its own right. But opening up a sister cafe so beloved that it outlives the original? Well, that’s just plain extraordinary. This is the case with Superba Food + Bread. Featuring a gorgeous patio area and a scrumptious selection of innovative treats to try, such as their classic Nutella-infused pretzel croissant, this Venice staple has proven to be just as trendy as it is delicious. 

Location: Venice




Must-Try Item: Pain au Chocolat

Photography Provided By: Tartine

Considered by many to be the premiere pâtisseries on the West Coast, Tartine’s collection of award-winning bakeries boast an impressive mastery of both the classics and the cutting-edge. Whether you are peeling back the layers of a flaky croissant or cutting into a slice of their lemon poppy teacake, it is easy to see why many consider Tartine to be among the world’s finest when it comes to baking.

Locations: Santa Monica, Sycamore and Silver Lake




Must-Try Item: Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

Hand-drawn chalkboard menus, the smell of fresh baked sweets and a display case bursting at the seams with decadent delicacies are some of the qualities that help separate this Santa Monica bakery from the rest. With a comfy interior and decor that will make you feel right at home, Huckleberry offers a brief escape from the bustling city by inviting you to sit back, relax and find solace in a slice of warm blueberry cornmeal cake, a gooey cinnamon roll or any one of their comforting bites!

Location: Santa Monica 



Sweet Lady Jane

Must-Try Item: Triple Berry Cake

Photograph Provided By: Sweet Lady Jane

A West Hollywood favorite for locals, visitors and celebrities alike, Sweet Lady Jane has been making waves in the culinary world for over three decades. Their signature Triple Berry Cake launched this bakery into stardom in 1988 and quickly captured the attention of critics and connoisseurs from all over the country. When it comes to signature dishes that are both innovative and acclaimed, Sweet Lady Jane takes the cake!

Location: Santa Monica, Melrose Ave. 



Milk Bar Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Classic Birthday Cake

If their iconic pink neon sign doesn’t grab your attention, then Milk Bar’s glitzy assortment of confetti-colored confections certainly will. Their specialty cakes, cookies and pies perpetuate the vibrancy of their decor and elegantly capture that minimalist, Melrose aesthetic that helped put the neighborhood on the map. Our advice? Splurge on one of their famous birthday cakes, for when it comes to Milk Bar, more is always best. 

Location: Melrose



Josephine Best Bakeries in LA

Must-Try Item: Chocolate Pavlova

Part cafe, part marketplace, part charity: Josephine is by far the most benevolent bakery on our list. While continuing to tackle the classics with ease and elegance—meringue kisses, cakes and brownies are undoubtedly their magna opera—what really separates this spot from the rest is that each purchase made goes directly towards charities that are working to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world, making Josephine so much more than just a bakery.

Location: Sherman Oaks


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