Photography By: Samuel Wells
Photography By: Samuel Wells

5 San Diego Bakeries That Are a Batch Made in Heaven

Treat Yourself to a Scrumptious Pastry 

As the fresh-baked dough rises, it seems so do we. In between the energizing warmth calling for bike rides and hikes through complete sunshine, the few gloomier San Diego days call for warm pastries alongside your morning caffeine fix. Get a loaf of these 14 irresistible San Diego bakeries that you’ll be crossing off of your bucket list ASAP. No judgments—we’ll be right there with you! Best Bakeries San Diego


Top Gun House: Home of the Famous HIGH-pie

Must-Try: Apple HIGH-pie

Credit: Jakob Layman
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Perched on the grounds of Oceanside’s Mission Pacific Hotel sits the restored 1887 bungalow best known for its appearance in the 1986 film “Top Gun.” Today, this retro house is now the home of Top Gun House: Home of the Famous HIGH-pie, a charming pie shop serving signature hand pies filled with seasonal, locally picked fruits. Chef and restaurateur Tara Lazar of F10 Hospitality was the visionary behind this project and was dedicated to preserving the history of this iconic landmark. The house was painstakingly rehabilitated to historic standards and relocated to the beachfront courtyard of Mission Pacific Hotel, where its structure, design details, and finishes were returned to their original glory. It was even repainted to match its 1986 color palette! Today, the famous “Graves House” embraces a nostalgic Americana vibe, with interiors featuring retro signage, vintage furniture, an upholstered fireplace, and unique needlepoint installations from artist MaryLou Marks. It’s safe to say the Top Gun House: Home of the Famous HIGH-pie is worth a visit, whether it’s for a tasty HIGH-pie or just to catch a glimpse of its history.

Location: Oceanside

Best Bakeries San Diego

Batch & Box

Must-Try: The Lady Cookie

Grab your glass of milk and head up north towards Batch & Box, where you’ll find cookies made from fresh, premium ingredients packed together with love. Founded on the idea that the gesture of giving cookies creates a universal human connection, they’re passionate about their batches bringing people together. From classic chocolate to one-of-a-kind fruit forward cookies, there’s something for every cookie giver and receiver. We’ve got heart-eyes for The Lady Cookie where white chocolate morsels meet real raspberries in a decadent dough.

Location: Del Mar (within Del Mar Highlands Town Center)




Wayfarer Bread & Pastry

Must-Try: Pistachio Marmalade Croissant

Those who wander might just find bread. Wayfarer Bread & Pastry is a Bird Rock bakery focused on community with the intention of serving fresh bread, pastries and sandwiches using the highest-quality ingredients. Pizzas are also available by pre-order for pickup Thursday through Saturday from 4:30-8 p.m. Made with ingredients sourced from California farms, your future self will thank you.

Location: La Jolla



Bread & Cie Best Bakeries San Diego

Must-Try: Caramelized Onion Loaf

Family-owned and operated, Bread & Cie serves authentic Rustic European breads and pastries in a quaint cafe atmosphere. Order breakfast or lunch from the bistro menu while you revel in the aroma of freshly baked goods, or you can pick up a quick bite on your way through Hillcrest. Grab yourself a sweet yet complex Caramelized Onion Loaf for a powerful flavor sensation.

Location: Hillcrest


Pâtisserie Mélanie

Must-Try: Croissant

Come get a taste of Europe right at home at Pâtisserie Mélanie. This passion-built patisserie holds the most authentic selection of Parisian pastries San Diego has to offer. In fact, the technique behind these goodies lie at Paris’ own Le Cordon Bleu. Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with a classic treat here.

Location: North Park (opening soon!)



Azúcar Best Bakeries San Diego

Must-Try: Meat Pies

French training and Cuban roots come together to create a unique bakery experience that’s handmade in Ocean Beach. The wide selection of sweet and savory items makes this specialty bakery a must-visit on your way to the ocean. Find Cuban meat pies, classic muffins and unique creations coming from a clash of cultures. 

Local Insight: Azucar’s meat pies are made in small batches daily and feature an authentic family picadillo recipe!

Location: Ocean Beach


Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe

Must-Try: Pane Cioccolata

Just as their name reads, Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe will never let you be without bread. Rooted in charismatic Liberty Station, this quaint cafe offers over 20 different handmade artisanal breads, pastries and sandwiches with a modern kick. Made with Belgian chocolate, the Pane Cioccolata is saved for the most savory of days—a weekend exclusive!

Location: Liberty Station



The Gluten Free Baking Co.

Must-Try: Boston Cream Pie Donut

Gluten-free, guilt-free goods exist endlessly at this North Park gem. Inside the glass case lies the most classic of delicacies—cupcakes, lemon bars, puff pastries—you name it. Created with the philosophy that pastries and baked goods should be enjoyed by all, The Gluten Free Baking Co. has achieved just that. Just refer to their motto: “Here, you can eat it all.”

Location: North Park



Prager Bros. Artisan Breads

Must-Try: Spicy Italian Sandwich

If you’re heading up North, we know just what you knead. Prager Bros. Artisan Breads prides themselves in crafting handmade breads with sustainably sourced, primarily organic ingredients. If you’re craving a classic ciabatta, baguette or loaf, these brothers have perfected their bread-baking down to a science—literally. Find them in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Hillcrest or at your local farmers market! Add a little kick to your day with the Spicy Italian Sandwich.

Location: Hillcrest, Encinitas, Carlsbad



Plantiful Kitchen

Must-Try: Cheesecake Pops

Plant-based pastries! Need we say more? Find vegan, gluten-free breads, cakes, cookies and treats galore at the first vegan-only bakery in North County. Everything is made from all-natural ingredients, is 100% vegan and is free of refined sugar. Whatever you decide to take with you, it’s plant-based paradise at Plantiful Kitchen. Satisfy your cravings with the cheesecake pops—nothing but chocolate-covered, gluten-free goodness.

Location: Carlsbad



Broad Street Dough Co.

Must-Try: Nutella S’mores Galore

Donuts go nuts at Broad Street Dough Co. The richest ring-shaped delicacies lie at this sugar-forward donut factory in Encinitas, and they’re as pretty on the outside as they taste on the inside. As if 40 everyday flavors weren’t enough, they take on special orders and offer vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options as well. 

Location: Encinitas



The Cravory Cookies

Must-Try: The Almond Joyous Cookie 

“Cookie, cookie, cookie” starts with cravings, and The Cravory is here to deliver. Cookie monsters rejoice in the wide array of unique, handcrafted cookies made right in Point Loma. With new monthly flavors and holiday-specific collections, they deliver straight to your door (or someone else’s, if your willpower is strong enough) in 24 hours or less. Try The Almond Joyous Cookie where toasted coconut dough meets almonds, dark chocolate chunks, sea salt and a dark chocolate drizzle. Take a bite and just try not to be joyous—we dare you!

Location: Point Loma


Blackmarket Bakery Best Bakeries San Diego

Must Try: Pecan Roll 

A business that began as a way to supply catering services and farmers markets is now a beloved bakery that prides itself in using only the finest, most authentic ingredients for their hand-baked goods. Head out to North Park to snag one of their delicious breads, cakes or pastries or opt for a fresh breakfast sandwich instead.  

Location: North Park


VG Donut & Bakery

Must-Try: Cinnamon Donut

Fall in loaf with this third-generation family business that specializes in old-fashioned baking. VG Donut & Bakery bakes a large variety of donuts, pastries, bread and more at 4 a.m. daily, and you better believe the line’s out the door as soon as the shop opens. The top-quality variety has made it a Cardiff staple. Need further proof? VG stands for very good.

Location: Cardiff



Sugar and Scribe Best Bakeries San Diego

Must-Try: Nutella Nuts French Toast

Located in picturesque La Jolla, Sugar and Scribe’s extensive menu is guaranteed to satisfy any craving. Check out their walk-up bakery (complete with breads and sweets made in-house) or stay a while in the restaurant with an extensive breakfast, lunch and cocktail menu. It might be tough to make a selection at this award-winning hot spot, but that’s not the worst problem to have.

Location: La Jolla


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