Best Bike Trails in SoCal
Credit: Metrolink

3 Incredible Bike Trails You Can Reach by Train in SoCal

Get Ready for an Eco-Friendly Summer Adventure With Metrolink

If you are looking for a fun, eco-friendly way to explore Southern California’s incredible scenery, then biking is the way to go. With so many amazing trails spanning everywhere from sweeping vistas to shimmering seaside bluffs, hitting the trails is the perfect way to kick off summer in SoCal.

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Thanks to Metrolink, accessing these trails has never been easier. Metrolink lets you bring your bike aboard, allowing travelers to explore with ease. They even have special bike cars with additional space for bikes and surfboards on select trains, however all Metrolink trains allow you to bring your bike! If you’re in the market for a new, cutting-edge e-bike to accompany you on all your adventures, look no further than Murf Electric Bikes, Southern California’s premier manufacturer and retailer of high-tech, battery-powered transportation. So grab your helmet and get ready for an eco-friendly adventure as you read about our picks for the best trails you can reach by train in SoCal.


1 | Orange Blossom Trail 

Redlands, CA

Best Bike Trails in SoCal
Credit: Metrolink

It should come as no shock that Redlands, one of California’s oldest and most historic cities, is home to a number of iconic and scenic biking trails; however, none quite compare to the rustic charm and natural beauty of the Orange Blossom Trail. Once the historic bed of the old Santa Fe Railway, the Orange Blossom Trail takes explorers from the outskirts of town through a winding desert landscape until reaching the heart of downtown Redlands. Featuring 3.5 miles of paved, smooth riding, this trail is easy-going and perfect for catching some sunshine and exploring more of this charming city.

To reach the trailhead, hop on the Metrolink San Bernardino line and take a quick one-hour train ride—depending on where you board—to the downtown San Bernardino station where you will connect with the Arrow line and get off at the Redlands Esri Station. If you are coming from Orange County, board the Inland Empire-Orange County line and follow the same route. From the Redlands-Esri station, the trailhead is across the street. And with a Murf Electric Bike, you’ll have a 25- to 50-mile range on a single charge, so navigating the city and its trails will be easier than ever. Power up your e-bike, apply some sunscreen and let Murf’s patented pedal-assist and full-electric bikes keep you going while you enjoy the scenery.



2 | Burbank Channel Bikeway

Burbank, CA

Best Bike Trails in SoCal
Credit: Metrolink

Equal parts charming, suburban city and multimedia entertainment hot spot, Los Angeles’ neighbor to the north offers a pleasant escape for those looking to see a side of the San Fernando Valley that you can’t find anywhere else. And what better way to explore this city than by bike! The Burbank Channel Bikeway, completed in 2011, is a concrete-paved, one-mile path touring alongside the iconic Los Angeles River that takes riders through a quaint section of Burbank’s downtown area. Offering scenic views through quiet streets, this path is a favorite among the rails-to-trails community.

What is also great about this path is its unmatched accessibility. Located mere steps from the downtown Burbank Metrolink station, the trailhead is easy to find and conveniently located. To reach it, hop on either the Ventura County or Antelope Valley Metrolink lines and disembark once you reach the station. From Union Station in Los Angeles, it is only a 25-minute train ride. For those coming from farther south, take the Orange County line up to Union Station and follow the route from there. When in Burbank, be sure to make a few pit stops and check out all the amazing restaurants, parks and studios that call this city home.



3 | San Juan Creek Trail  or Oso Park

San Juan Capistrano

Credit: Katie Oswald

San Juan Capistrano’s Metrolink station is ideally located in the center of town. Surrounded by popular eateries on Los Rios, the station is also only a mile and a half ride to the San Juan Creek Trail. Biking the San Juan Creek Trail in San Juan Capistrano is a breathtaking experience that allows riders to soak in the stunning beauty of Southern California. The trail stretches for over six miles, weaving through the lush vegetation of the San Juan Creek watershed and offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The trail is well-maintained and relatively flat, making it accessible to riders of all skill levels. Along the way, cyclists can stop to admire the historic San Juan Capistrano Mission, explore the natural beauty of the nearby parks, or enjoy the serene atmosphere of this hidden gem. The trail goes all the way down to Dana Point and parallels the San Juan Creek River. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a casual cyclist, biking the San Juan Creek Trail is a fun family adventure. Oso Park is about a five minute ride from the station and features creeks, cute birdhouses and art installations. Either ride makes for a great way to spend your day in San Juan Capistrano.


To get there, riders need to board either the Orange County line or Inland Empire-Orange County line to connect to San Juan Capistrano. From there, you’ll have the option of biking a short distance to San Juan Creek Trail. From there, just fire up your bike, throw on a pair of sunglasses and enjoy your ride down to one of California’s most gorgeous coastlines.

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