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5 Seafood Dishes From Bear Flag Fish Company That’ll Have You Hooked

From the Iconic Poke Burrito to Zesty Peruvian Ceviche, These Sea-to-Table Eats Are Downright Delicious

When it comes to wild-caught seafood, innovative dishes and a commitment to sustainability, nothing compares to the beloved Bear Flag Fish Co. Founded in 2007, this Newport Beach staple quickly blossomed into a community hotspot, providing locals and visitors with a charming, hospitable place to gather and indulge in some of the freshest seafood in Orange County. 

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Sourced daily from the Pacific by their own team of expert fishermen and processed with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, Bear Flag’s sea-to-table ethos is what sets them apart and has made this Orange County restaurant so successful. But, there is a second core pillar to their business’ ascension: an innovative menu of seafood specialties. From original, decadent sushi rolls to creative classics like their iconic poke burrito, Bear Flag elevates its delectable menu by adding flair, flavor and even a bit of fun. Here are five of our favorite seafood dishes from Bear Flag Fish Co. that have us hooked!


Grilled Seafood Sandwich

Ingredients: Choice of fish, lettuce, tomato, onion and Tommy sauce on a C’est Si Bon Bakery baguette

Best Seafood Restaurants Orange County
Credit: Ed Visions

The Grilled Seafood Sandwich features fresh fish grilled and lightly charred to perfection sandwiched between a fresh baguette from local bakery C’est Si Bon. Add some lettuce, tomato, onion and a dash of their creamy, spicy Tommy sauce, and you’ve got a drool-worthy delight! This sando is the perfect platform to showcase the authentic, fresh flavors of Bear Flag’s award-winning seafood, combining simple ingredients to create something truly unique. And while the sandwich works with almost every fish selection in their market, the mahi-mahi is undeniably our go-to, with extra Tommy Sauce on the side, of course, for a decadent kick. 


Hurricane Roll

Ingredients: Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped with yellowtail, jalapeños, crunchy garlic chili

One of the best seafood restaurants in Orange County also happens to serve up some truly divine sushi. On Bear Flag’s menu, you’ll find simple nigiri and sashimi offerings, showcasing only the most tender and mouthwatering cuts and inventive rolls brimming with flavor and flair. But the roll that stands out the most is undoubtedly Bear Flag’s Hurricane Roll. Starring spicy tuna, fresh avocado and cucumber on the inside and a trio of fresh yellowtail, sliced jalapeño and crunchy garlic chili oil on top, this roll is spicy and stacked with wild-caught goodness.



Bear Flag Poke Burrito

Ingredients: Choice of salmon or ahi poke, white or brown rice, black beans, house pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce and Tommy sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla

Bear Flag’s burrito menu is an absolute magnet for lovers of both Mexican cuisine and fresh seafood. Each burrito boasts the same simple yet delectable combination of rice, beans, citrusy pico de gallo, fresh avocado and lettuce, encompassing all the elements of a tasty yet stripped-down burrito. And while traditionally served with their grilled, flaky panko-crusted white fish, locals know that the best choice of protein for the burrito is their housemade poke.

Marinated in a classic, soy-sriracha sauce with sesame seeds, Bear Flag’s fresh ahi tuna and salmon poke are two of the best catches in their market. Refreshing, citrusy and spicy, there’s a reason why this menu item has become a local favorite.


Sautéed Clams & Mussels

Ingredients: Garlic, butter, lemon, pico de gallo and served with freshly baked bread

Best Seafood Restaurants Orange County
Credit: Ed Visions

Included among their extensive list of appetizers and small plates, Bear Flag’s sautéed clams and muscles are the perfect introductory foray into their excellent selection of shellfish. Pulled fresh from the ocean, their clams and muscles are gently sauteed in garlic butter, fresh squeezed lemon juice and their house pico de gallo and come with a side of warm bread. Pair this with one of their specialty craft cocktails or even a glass of white wine!


Peruvian Ceviche

Ingredients: Cooked white fish, fresh lime, red onion, yellow bell pepper, sliced jalapeño, cilantro, pico de gallo

Rounding out our list is Bear Flag’s twist on a classic: the Peruvian Ceviche. Prepared with fresh caught and fully cooked white fish, a generous squeeze of lime, red onion, yellow pepper, jalapeño, cilantro and pico de gallo, this dish masters all the citrusy elements of a classic ceviche while adding a premium level of freshness thanks to Bear Flag’s ocean-to-table ethos. 

Served with crispy tortilla chips, the Peruvian Ceviche is one of the best appetizers on the menu. It showcases Bear Flag’s unrivaled ability to acquire and prepare seafood in the most sustainable and freshest fashion. Be sure to give it a try next time you visit!


Bear Flag Fish Co.
Locations: Balboa Peninsula at Lido Marina Village, Crystal Cove Shopping Center and Huntington Beach at Pacific City




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