From Lobster Hash to Turmeric Latte, These 9 Best Brunch Spots in Los Angeles Will Satisfy All Your Cravings

Whether You’re an Instagrammer or Vegan, Brunch in LA Has Never Looked and Tasted so Good

Written By: Jamee Lind Best Brunch Spots in LA

Spring has arrived and it is socially acceptable to be on your third round of mimosas at 11 a.m.! And oh boy, Angelenos, do we have some good brunch options for you. Start March off right with a compliment-filled, 100 percent organic brunch or get down and dirty with an egg “slut” breakfast plate. Now is the time to put on your best Instagram-curated, day party outfit and get sauced on a downtown rooftop, all before 1 p.m. Let everyone you saw back home over the holidays know just how serious you are about brunching this year. Whether it be for the photos, the food or to actually feel good, we have you covered on where you should enjoy your brunch this March.


Perched on the Rooftop Best Brunch Spots in LA

When you need a new IG photo: Perch


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Delete unnecessary photos on your phone because you are going to need that extra storage to make a photo album of you sipping a fruity brunch drink (or three) on Perch’s balcony. Stacked on the 15th floor and overlooking Pershing Square, this is the best brunch spot to drink. The stellar view of the city, great people-watching and the French Toast are what most Perch-ers come for. If you’re feeling extra sweet, order the White Chocolate Bread Pudding—the calories don’t count if you get a good photo.

Perch LA
448 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


I’ve Got a Beel-in’ Best Brunch Spots in LA

When you’re trying to impress your vegan friends: Beelman’s


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Witness a coalition of vegans and meat-eaters brunch together in harmony at this plant-based pub. One vegan Breakfast Burrito is all it takes to have you entirely rethinking bacon and eggs (and the vegan cheese tastes like cheese). “Beelman’s is where you can take someone and impress them [with the idea] that any food can be delicious [and] vegan,” says Jordan Robinson, Senior Account Executive at Beelman’s. It’s also got a great sports bar where you can watch a game while digging into meatless glory. Pro-tip: The Loco Moco Bowl can be made into a wrap or even make into chimichanga. “Get your tiki on and enjoy some bomb eats by Chef Caroline, aka the ‘Best Female Chef in LA,’ thanks to Locale!” says Robinson.

600 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Lights, Coffee, Action! Best Brunch Spots in LA

When you realize most Australians are hot: Paramount Coffee Project


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Brunch fiercely with a mug of strong Australian coffee and a Fairfax Protein Breakfast or a side of Crispy Potatoes, mate. They have homemade Almond Macadamia Milk and lightning-fast service. PCP offers a full breakfast menu. Don’t let the natural lighting and exposed cinder block look of the restaurant detour your brunch mission. Warning: hip AF.

Paramount Coffee Project
456 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Egg Responsibly Best Brunch Spots in LA

When you need to let loose: Eggslut

Free your inhibitions Natasha Bedingfield style with the Fairfax sandwich and a fresh glass of OJ from Eggslut. Opt for the Slut specialty plate which includes a cage-free coddled egg. Go earlier if you’re feeling extra ambitious because they run out of their egg-stra special dishes pretty fast. Pro-tip: best to eat your egg sandwich there—you’ll risk it being a little soggy if you order to-go.

8500 Beverly Blvd, Unit 101
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Atrium for a Dream

When you want to eat in a greenhouse: Atrium

“Finding a space this big in Los Feliz is almost unheard of,” says Atrium’s Assistant General Manager Frankie Tirado. Imagine LA with high ceilings, spacious tables and lots of greenery. Then imagine a cute waiter handing you a heaping side of salted honey butter and Greg’s warm, delicious biscuits with a sugary, crunchy outer layer. “Magical little biscuits,” describes Tirado. Atrium was created for you to live out this garden biscuit fantasy—and that is only the beginning. This huge Los Feliz brunch spot is by far the roomiest and most plant-filled location on the list (just walk through a brick alleyway to get there). Soak in the high ceilings and get your brunch on.

1816 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Bonjour, Mon Amour

When you’re too broke to go to France: Pitchoun!


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Flying to Paris for the day is insanely expensive and would take a lot of time. That’s why Pitchoun! is here for us. We’re talking French jazz playing in the background, plenty of croissants, a French cashier—très Français. The Almond Croissant is a cult favorite. Be sure to speak French to your waiter or waitress to let them know that you are really committed to this French brunch lifestyle. Also, record the conversation.

545 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Early Bird Gets the Chilaquiles

When you’re craving chilaquiles: Redbird


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Chilaquiles lovers: hold the phone for Redbird’s Rabbit Chilaquiles. They also have a slightly carbonated Modern Mary that makes a regular Bloody Mary feel lame. Redbird is a little bit pricier than some of the other spots listed, but let’s just consider the beautiful interior and courtyard that you’ll experience during your chilaquiles brunch as part of this investment.

114 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Oh Loui Louie

When your parents come to town: Bottega Louie


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A Bloody Mary and the Lobster Hash are the best ways to start off your visit according to Ryan Shapiro, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bottega Louie. “Yukon gold potatoes, brussels sprouts, perfectly poached eggs topped with a paprika hollandaise sauce and an ample portion of lobster—you can’t go wrong!” Shapiro exclaims. Pro-tip: you can order their famous beignets (traditionally served with raspberry compote) with chocolate hazelnut sauce—just ask your waiter.

Bottega Louie
700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017


The Fundamentalist Guide

When you want to bring your dog to brunch: Fundamental


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Get Fido brunch-ready because you can bring your dog to dine in the front patio area (note: outside only). A hidden gem in DTLA, most regulars praise Fundamental for its short wait time and delicious Breakfast Burrito. Imagine a photo that contains a delicious breakfast burrito AND your dog—that’s at least 100 likes, right? Pro parking tip: Athena Parking across the street is $7 for all day.

750 S Grand Ave, Ste 30
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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