Best Design Agencies Orange County
Credit: Timothy Aukshunas
Best Design Agencies Orange County
Credit: Timothy Aukshunas

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Best Custom Apparel for Your Brand

An Inside Look at How Anderson Bros Design & Supply Takes Your Branding to the Next Level

Based in Seal Beach, Anderson Bros Design & Supply is the design firm behind some familiar and beloved branding. Started by brothers John and Mike Anderson in 2003 (along with the iconic Tankfarm & Co. brand), the company has since become one of the most successful and well-known design houses in the country. You might have seen their work on your favorite tees from Pendleton or brew houses like 805 or Brewery X. You can also see their handiwork on lifestyle apparel from local brands like SUPER73, Sidecar Donuts and Bear Flag Fish Co.

“We love the collaboration with our customers—two minds are better than one,” Mike shares. “The reorder is evidence that it all works.”

While the company has a truly impressive clientele, that doesn’t keep the Anderson Bros team from remaining accessible and personal. Interested in working with them for your brand’s custom apparel? Here’s a step-by-step guide of what it’s like to work with Anderson Bros Design & Supply.


Step One: Meet for a Consultation

The first step you’ll take with Anderson Bros Design & Supply is a consultation, either by appointment at the Seal Beach office or via video call. If possible, the team recommends coming in to see and feel the product samples in person and get a closer look at their operation.

During your consultation, the Anderson Bros team will help you pick out products that work best for your brand and your wishlist, which could include screen-printed tees, cut-and-sew jackets and embroidered headwear.

“There are a million places that print your T-shirts, but what they don’t do is design anything for you. They also don’t help you pick the garments that are on-trend that will sell,” John explains. “We put it all together so that everything—the graphics, the colors, the assortment—all works really well together. And when you feature it, it’ll look really shoppable.”


Step Two: Share Your Branding Assets

Once you decide on your wishlist, you’ll share your branding assets with Anderson Bros Design & Supply, and from there, the team will begin incorporating your existing assets into your brand’s design. They’ll also be on the lookout for some other fun opportunities, such as incorporating colors from your recent product launch and creating a cohesive collection, including a hand-drawn image of your historic building or even creating a design inspired by notable decor inside your business, such as a mural or stained glass window.


Step Three: Review Design Decks

Best Design Agencies Orange County
Credit: Timothy Aukshunas

After you hand off your branding assets to Anderson Bros Design & Supply, the team will create five design decks for you: one evergreen deck and four seasonal decks.

“Once we get you in a program, you’ll get a spring, a summer, a fall and a holiday design deck. So four times a year, you get custom designs based on the season, based on what’s popular. And then we’ll build an evergreen collection of the styles,” says John. “Then, we pepper in new ideas based on special events like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Oktoberfest. There are always things that brands are doing, so it’s easy to kind of help them take advantage of all the opportunities.”


Step Four: Receive Build-Out Ideas

The Anderson Bros team understands that you have other things on your plate aside from how to display your brand’s new merchandise, so they will gladly provide you with build-out plans and schematics for your spaces.

“We design, we create and we also help with inspiration for build-outs. We could design the greatest product ever, but it won’t sell as well if it’s hidden under some weird shelf and hard to get to,” John shares. “So, we’ll send you schematics on how to set up your retail area and how it should be featured—something really cool that will match your vibe and that’s easy to shop.”


Step Five: Store and Deliver Your Merchandise

Best Design Agencies Orange County
Credit: Timothy Aukshunas

No storage space? No problem. Anderson Bros has recently added third-party logistics (3PL) services to their repertoire. You can store your apparel and merchandise in the Anderson Bros warehouse, and they will take care of shipping it out to your business, even if that includes multiple locations.

Anderson Bros Design & Supply also makes sure to pay attention to how your merch is performing. By sharing your sales reports, the team can see what really works for your unique market. “Once you start selling, we start to see what’s working. The first couple deliveries, we’re giving you things that we know people like,” John says.

From there, the team will focus on items that will perform exceptionally well in your business. “You might be like, ‘Hey, here in our town, everyone loves beanies even though it’s still warm outside. Or your customers might love a certain design,” he continues. “So for your next delivery, we’re gonna take all those best-selling items and lean into those and give you some new stuff that will merchandise really well with those styles.”


Step Six: Get Started!

From start to finish, Anderson Bros Design & Supply is there to help you take your brand—regardless of your products and services—and create highly shoppable and wearable lifestyle apparel that your customers will love. And the proof is in the numbers; by teaming up with Anderson Bros Design & Supply, John says that companies can expect a major rise in sales. “Take your best year in the history of your company and together, we’ll do three to five times that in the first year,” he explains. “At the end of the day, you’ll have an army of walking billboards.”


Anderson Bros Design & Supply
212 Main St
Seal Beach, CA 90740

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