Best Electric Boats Newport Beach
Credit: Ed Visions
Best Electric Boats Newport Beach
Credit: Ed Visions

This Newport Beach Electric Boat Company Is Changing the Boating Industry With Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Cruise Newport Harbor in an Electric Boat Made to Improve Our Waterways

There’s no shortage of activities to do in Newport Beach—lounging on the beach, taking surf lessons, visiting art galleries and eating your way through waterfront restaurants, to name a few. And this doesn’t take into account what’s possible when you’re on a boat and cruising through the marina. The dock and dine culture here is expansive, and the historic harbor is home to many of the city’s famous landmarks. But what’s a crew to do without a vessel and moorage? The answer is simple: rent an electric boat.

Thanks to Vision Electric Boats, boating is available for everyone. About as easy to drive as a golf cart, electric boats only require a driver who is 21 years of age or older. Each boat holds up to 10 passengers and allows for pets, making them perfect for celebrations—think reveal parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and more. Choose a standard electric boat, or go big with a pink party boat. All you have to do is book a boat, show up to Newport’s Lido Marina Village, hop aboard and set sail! Available by the hour, Vision Electric Boats’s dynamic fleet allows you to safely cruise the harbor in style without the cost and burden of ownership.

Best Electric Boats Newport Beach
Credit: Ed Visions

Vision Marine Technologies is the parent company behind these electric boat rentals, and they are making waves within the boating industry. By designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly electric boats and engines, they are leading innovation with a healthy mandate: to harness the power of renewable energy while also making safer waterways. Electric boats produce zero emissions and are notably quiet and highly efficient. The technology is elegant and simple, using propulsion that is run on electricity stored in batteries.

While recreation is at the forefront of Vision Electric Boats, the leaders working behind the scenes are all about environmental stewardship. In a trailblazing move for the boating industry, Vision Marine recently announced a partnership with 4Ocean, a global cleanup operation that recovers plastic waste and other man-made debris that has a high risk of entering the ocean. As a Certified Cleanup Partner, Vision Marine joins the initiative to eliminate plastic waste from our waterways—not just around Newport Beach, but on a global scale. “Vision Marine is determined to lead the way towards a greener future for the boating industry,” says co-founder and CEO Alex Mongeon.



Best Electric Boats Newport Beach
Credit: Ed Visions

Vision Marine entered the scene with the E-Motion™, the first fully electric purpose-built powertrain system that brings together an advanced battery pack, outboard inverter and high-efficiency motor. Combining this technology enhances both range and performance not often seen in electric vehicles, all while operating more smoothly and with less noise than a traditional internal combustion engine motorboat. The E-Motion™ is Vision Marine’s flagship product for a reason—it’s paving the way forward for outboard electric powertrain technology. Or, in less technical terms, they are making the ideal drive system for day boating.

This innovation did not escape notice from Alex Schulze, co-founder and CEO of 4Ocean, who said of Vision Marine: “It takes true leadership and dedication to ignite change on a global scale.” Together, both companies are setting an example for the industry—a move that solidifies the significance of sustainable business practices and environmental conservation. Truly astonishing is their ability to lead with responsible hedonism at the helm. Day boating, after all, is intended to be fun.

Vision Electric Boats love the holidays, too. They have special packages for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and the popular Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. The parade lets you get up close and personal with all the beautifully decorated yachts, boats, kayaks and canoes that take to the water for the annual festivities. And for those who want to get on the water more often, you can join the Electric Boat Club for a monthly fee. With a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership, you get a dedicated concierge and access to boating just about any time you want. You don’t even need boating experience.

So, while Vision Marine is spearheading the way forward for the boating industry—in both responsible innovation and environmental stewardship—you and nine of your best friends can enjoy the best that Newport Harbor has to offer. Rest assured that ocean cleanups are underway and that your main priority is to have fun as you navigate the bay in your own private electric boat. All we ask is that you lean back, enjoy the solace and pack out what you pack in.


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