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Best French Restaurants in OC
Credit: Butcher’s House
Best French Restaurants in OC
Credit: Butcher’s House

4 French Restaurants in OC That Transport You to a Cafe in France

Skip the Plane Ride and Indulge in These Local French Restaurants

From croissants and coffee to style and culture, there’s no denying the French have it figured out. Luckily for us, a taste of France doesn’t have to be a plane ride away. With Orange County’s diverse culinary scene, finding traditional French restaurants that prioritize artful and ancient techniques isn’t as hard as it may seem. Whether you’re an outright Francophile or just someone who wants to expand their palate, here are five French restaurants in OC for a quick trip to France. Bon appetite!



If you’re yearning for a night out with your beau or belle in the French countryside, you might want to consider L’Hirondelle. Founded in 1982, L’Hirondelle has been a neighborhood favorite for decades in serving traditional French and Belgian dishes. Nestled in the heart of San Juan Capistrano’s historic downtown, this family-owned restaurant bodes an old-fashioned atmosphere with vintage French decor, chestnut dining tables and floral wallpaper that will make you feel right in la campagne Française. With French classics like beef bourguignon, tarragon chicken and escargot, a taste of France is closer than you think!

Location: San Juan Capistrano


Bouillon Moulin

If the French countryside isn’t your scene, perhaps an old-time bouillon setting is! At Newport Beach’s Bouillon Moulin, you can find an authentic Parisian bouillon-style eatery where hearty food at an affordable price is always on the menu. With vintage French advertisements plastered on each wall and glossy wicker chairs at every table, this casual setting is an easy getaway for those of us in need of an overseas vacation. Bouillon Moulin also serves brunch all day, so find your seat, grab your napkin and spend your morning filling up on crêpes and croissants.

Location: Newport Beach

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C’est Si Bon

If you’re searching for a freshly baked baguette to bring to the beach this summer, look no further! Tucked along Pacific Coast Hwy lies C’est Si Bon, a local French-style bakery and cafe that has been drawing people in for nearly 40 years. With pastries popping out of their ovens from morning till the early evening, C’est Si Bon’s keen appreciation for simple, fresh goods is the reason why there’s a line outside the door every day of the week. From croissant sandwiches to chocolate eclairs, C’est Si Bon will make you say, ooh La La!

Location: Newport Beach


Marche Moderne

Marche Moderne is a sophisticated French fine-dining restaurant overlooking the coast. Situated in Crystal Cove, this sleek establishment is highly rated and owned by two French chefs, Florent and Amelia Marneau. Their menu is deftly formulated to highlight seasonal produce while keeping a permanent place for classics like roasted bone marrow and poitrine pressée et confite. Marche Moderne masterfully melds flavorful seasonings with beauty, making each of their dishes both easy on the eyes and the stomach.

Location: Newport Beach


Butcher’s House Brasserie

For something simpler, Butcher’s House Brasserie underlines the artistry of butchery paired with artisan French culinary creations. A brasserie tends to mean a casual restaurant, but Butcher’s House is elegant and modern in design and features a hefty wine list along with a skillfully devised menu. From their “Butcher’s Choice” selection of different cuts of steak and pork to side dishes like ratatouille and Butcher’s Fries, every plate is brimming with flavor. Focusing their attention on their high-quality meats and artful recipes, with each and every bite at Butcher’s House Brasserie, you’ll be saying je regrette rien.

Location: Costa Mesa

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