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Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Creative Hospitality Powerhouse Palm & Ocean

Palm & Ocean Is the Heartbeat of Innovative Marketing in Hollywood

Based in the heart of Hollywood, Palm & Ocean is more than a hospitality and production studio—it’s a powerhouse of creativity, strategy and partnership. Founded in 2015 by Michael Harvey, who now also runs the company with his husband Serkan Oezbagci, this award-winning agency has become synonymous with stunning visuals and innovative marketing solutions tailored for the hospitality industry.

Harvey, the Founder and CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his extensive background in hospitality. Having managed numerous restaurants and worked with prestigious establishments like The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Michael honed his skills in restaurant marketing.

“I’ve always been passionate about the restaurant industry and how social media can elevate brands,” Harvey shares. His expertise is complemented by Oezbagci, President and Creative Director, whose career in television and film production in Europe laid a strong foundation for their collaborative venture.

“Combining our talents as a husband duo has allowed us to achieve the best results for our clients,” Serkan adds.

Credit: Palm & Ocean

The inception of Palm & Ocean was driven by Harvey and Oezbagci’s shared love for food, creativity and entrepreneurship. Recognizing a gap in the market during the early days of social media, they saw an opportunity to revolutionize how restaurants approach digital marketing and content creation. “We wanted to create a company that filled this gap. So we became a one-stop-shop for clients with bold visions and big results,” says Harvey.

Credit: Palm & Ocean

Palm & Ocean’s approach to marketing is nothing short of comprehensive. By diving deep into each client’s brand, understanding their story, values and goals, they craft strategies that encompass social media management, content creation, search engine optimization, and targeted advertising campaigns.

“We focus on creating engaging, visually stunning content that resonates with audiences and drives results,” explains Oezbagci.

What sets Palm & Ocean apart is the duo’s unique blend of expertise in culinary arts, digital marketing, hospitality and content production. “We speak the language of restaurateurs and understand the specific challenges and opportunities within the industry,” they note. This deep understanding, coupled with their boutique agency’s personalized services, ensures that clients’ visions are accurately captured and executed.

From iconic brands like Caesars Palace and Martha Stewart’s first restaurant, The Bedford by Martha Stewart, to renowned chefs like Dominique Ansel and Guy Savoy,
Palm & Ocean has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients. “We take great pride in every project and truly put our hearts into delivering the best results possible,” says Oezbagci.

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Always at the forefront of technology, Palm & Ocean is excited about integrating AI-driven insights with their marketing strategies. “We met with great companies at the National Restaurant Association Conference in Chicago and are eager to implement new technologies with our clients,” shares Harvey. This innovative approach ensures they remain ahead of the curve, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Looking ahead, Palm & Ocean aims to become the go-to marketing agency for restaurants, continuously evolving with the digital landscape.

“We want to help more restaurants thrive and achieve their business goals through powerful, effective marketing,” says Harvey and Oezbagci. Their vision includes incorporating the latest technologies and trends to provide top-notch services that drive growth and success.

Credit: Palm & Ocean

For Michael and Serkan, the most rewarding aspect of their work is seeing their clients succeed. “There’s nothing quite like watching a restaurant grow and flourish thanks to our strategies and content,” Harvey beams. Working together as husbands has also been incredibly rewarding. In turn, it has allowed them to grow both as a couple and as entrepreneurs. “Each project is a new opportunity to be creative and make a tangible difference in our clients’ businesses,” Oezbagci concludes.

Palm & Ocean is not just a marketing agency; it’s a dedicated partner in success, ready to craft compelling narratives that elevate brands and drive results. To check out their incredible portfolio of work, visit


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