Credit: Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den
Credit: Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

12 of the Hottest Las Vegas Speakeasies You Need to Know About

Sin City’s Secret Drinking Scene Is Everything You’d Expect and More

Harkening back to the Prohibition era of the 1920s and 1930s, speakeasies offer an escape from the typical bar or nightclub scene on the Las Vegas Strip. And sure, the sale and consumption of booze is legal in this day and age, but the way of the speakeasy is alive and well, offering patrons highly specialized craft cocktails, more personalized service and an intimate and immersive ambiance—all wrapped up in a stylish and mysterious presentation. Looking to switch up your plans tonight in Sin City? Whether you’re heading out for an anniversary date or a quick nightcap, here are 12 Las Vegas speakeasies that are equal parts mystery and mixology.


The Lock

Best Las Vegas Speakeasies
Credit: Aimee Stephens

Hidden behind an unassuming façade, your evening at The Lock will begin with a phone call that’ll lead you into a vault filled with keys and a puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, the vault will give way to a bar that serves up old saloon vibes and beautifully crafted concoctions. Go the classic route with a signature cocktail like The Daydreamer or keep it simple with a raspberry martini—but Vegas is all about risk, right? For added excitement, fill out the short questionnaire on the Secret Menu form for a cocktail based on your mood, style, destination and zodiac element.

Where to find it: Horseshoe Hotel
Reservations: Reservations preferred, walk-ins welcome
Take note: There’s a two-drink minimum per guest


The Laundry Room

You won’t find any dirty laundry in The Laundry Room, but you will find some of the best cocktails in Las Vegas (and maybe a resident spirit or two). With an entry hidden inside Commonwealth bar, the Laundry Room is a small, intimate space that’s sure to impress even the most serious cocktail aficionado. The Laundry Room only allows 22 guests and is strictly cocktails-only. Along with its set of rules, the small head count and limited menu allow for the mixologists there to ensure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Where to find it: Inside Commonwealth
Reservations: Necessary—up to two weeks in advance and up to four people
Take note: Be sure to follow the rules!


Màs Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila

Las Vegas is to nightlife as tequila is to tacos, so why not marry the two for a delicious speakeasy experience? Located in an unassuming shopping plaza on Spring Mountain Road, Màs Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila presents as a fast-casual taqueria at first, but like a great taco itself, it’s much more complex than meets the eye. After going through the secret tunnel, you’ll find yourself in a hip, vintage-inspired speakeasy parlor bedecked with skulls, roses and candlelight—the perfect place to order a cerveza or a specialty margarita and enjoy some live music.

Where to find it: A plaza in Chinatown
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome
Take note: To enter, ask the cashier about “tonight’s delight”


The Barbershop

Best Las Vegas Speakeasies
Credit: Stephanie Wilson

If you’re searching for a speakeasy in Las Vegas that’s as classy as it is secretive, look no further than a spot where cocktails and cuts effortlessly collide. Disguised as a classic barbershop, the aptly named Barbershop is a hidden gem that offers a delightful blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Within the façade of a working barbershop, an unmarked door beckons you into a bygone era of decadence and mischief, complete with master mixologists crafting specialty cocktails or anything else you may be craving.

Where to find it: The Cosmopolitan
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome
Take note: Ladies enter for free


The Ski Lodge

Vegas is blessed with all things weird and wonderful, and The Ski Lodge in The Cosmopolitan is a fantastic example of that. Behind a wooden door with a gold emblem, you’ll step into a room with an array of other doors—and one will take you to The Ski Lodge, a secret part of Superfrico, which offers a unique twist on the traditional speakeasy experience. Its intimate ambiance, reminiscent of an apres-ski escape, makes it the perfect hideaway for those seeking a more exclusive night out. The carefully crafted cocktail menu showcases the creativity of expert mixologists, with drinks that pay homage to winter sports and alpine adventures.

Where to find it: On the second floor of The Cosmopolitan
Reservations: First come, first served
Take note: You can order off Superfrico’s dinner menu during the restaurant’s operating hours


Ghost Donkey

With its colorful and lively Mexican street market atmosphere, top-notch libations, tasty bites and bartenders that set the stage for a thrilling experience, Ghost Donkey is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to spice up their night in Vegas. The atmosphere here is vibrant and energetic. Ghost Donkey is renowned for its extensive selection of tequilas and mezcals, and the cocktail menu is a true masterpiece, featuring inventive concoctions that blend traditional Mexican flavors with modern mixology techniques.

Where to find it: The food court in The Cosmopolitan
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome
Take note: Ghost Donkey likes to keep the cocktail menu small and fresh


Easy’s Cocktail Lounge

Credit: Stacey Torma

Located discreetly behind a charming doughnut bar, this intimate speakeasy is as whimsical as it is exciting. It may offer the expected plush atmosphere and some serious throwback vibes, but what sets Easy’s Cocktail Lounge apart are its exclusive cocktails made with elusive spirits that you may not have ever heard of. These libations are expertly concocted by a master mixologist to both tantalize your palate and kick-start your sense of imagination. Don’t miss Showstoppers like Shroomin or Heart of the Ocean—they’re an entire experience in and of themselves!

Where to find it: In the Proper Eats Food Hall at ARIA Resort & Casino
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome 
Take note: The Showstoppers are made to share


Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Credit: Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Hidden within Famous Foods, Here Kitty Kitty is a speakeasy offering an exciting blend of elegance and grunge. This discreet gem provides an escape from the bustling city into a world where laid-back hangouts and expertly crafted cocktails reign supreme. Drawing inspiration from a mix of the Prohibition Era and Singapore, its neon-lit atmosphere exudes sophistication with a hint of rebellion. The menu has a ton of sinfully delicious cocktails, but for a bespoke experience, you can’t go wrong with the Bartender’s Choice—just name your spirit and they’ll take care of the rest.

Where to find it: In Famous Foods at Resorts World
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome 
Take note: For a quieter experience, get there around opening time



After exploring the wacky and amazing Omega Mart exhibit, why not take a second to find a watering hole unlike any other? Datamosh is a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and immersive mixology that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. The speakeasy’s interior is a mesmerizing blend of retro and futuristic, featuring a captivating visual backdrop that creates an ambiance that’s both nostalgic and innovative. The drinks are incredible and over-the-top, making it the perfect stop for a tourist or a Vegas resident looking to switch up their weekend routine.

Where to find it: Within Omega Mart at AREA15
Reservations: No reservations; walk-ins only
Take note: No entry fee aside from a ticket to the exhibit


Pier 17 Yacht Club

Best Las Vegas Speakeasies
Credit: Spiegelworld

Enter a place where the arid landscape of Las Vegas gives way to a tranquil oasis of maritime-inspired decor, complete with porthole windows and of-the-sea artifacts. That’s right, we’re talking about Pier 17 Yacht Club. A part of the Spiegelworld universe, Pier 17 Yacht Club is a surprising and sophisticated speakeasy with a cocktail menu that’s a testament to the art of mixology. The ambiance is a mix of a private yacht club meets “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” creating a truly unique and memorable sipping experience.

Where to find it: Inside the Green Fairy Garden at Caesars Palace
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome 
Take note: You don’t need tickets to “Absinthe” to enter, but you can take a fun, secret entrance if you do


1923 Prohibition Bar

Best Las Vegas Speakeasies
Credit: Vanessa Thill

A hidden bourbon bar? Don’t mind if we do. As the name suggests, 1923 Prohibition Bar pays homage to the era of clandestine cocktails and hidden haunts in a big way—from the barrels decorating the walls to swinging entertainment. The cocktail menu here is a delightful throwback, featuring classic libations that were once enjoyed in secret—after all, what goes better with the glamor of yesteryear than a perfectly crafted Old Fashioned? While this is the ideal spot to bring a bourbon-lover, 1923 Prohibition Bar offers something for everyone.

Where to find it: The Shoppes at Mandalay Place in Mandalay Bay
Reservations: Reservations preferred; walk-ins welcome 
Take note: Plan your trip to catch a live music, burlesque or magic show


The Underground

Best Las Vegas Speakeasies
Credit: Mikayla Jones

Last but not least is a speakeasy that combines education with entertainment, making it a must-visit for history buffs and cocktail enthusiasts alike. As you descend below The Mob Museum into The Underground, you’ll be immersed in a meticulously recreated 1920s environment where vintage decor, historical artifacts and an authentic ambiance set the stage for the darker, grittier days of the Prohibition Era. The cocktail menu here pays homage to an illicit past with classic libations along with some fun and memorable drinks. Be sure to swing by to catch some live music or enjoy discounted concoctions during happy hour.

Where to find it: Beneath The Mob Museum
Reservations: First come, first served
Take note: You’ll need a password to enter—check the website before you arrive

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