Best Outdoor Gear Newport Beach
Credit: Sympl
Best Outdoor Gear Newport Beach
Credit: Sympl

Sympl’s Collection of Adventure Gear Unites Style and Sustainability

It’s Sympl, Sustainable and Perfect for the Outdoor Enthusiast

An idea born in Australia but brought to fruition in Newport Beach, Sympl is a cutting-edge brand that seamlessly combines style, sustainability and functionality. Founded in 2016, Sympl has remained rooted in its birthplace while reaching a global audience with its innovative designs—perfect for both the outdoor enthusiast and avid traveler. Catering to digital nomads, travelers, content creators and working professionals, Sympl has emerged as a go-to brand for individuals who demand high-quality products that complement their dynamic lifestyles. Here are six reasons we’re obsessed with shopping Sympl-y.


Founders With a Passion for Adventure

Sympl’s journey began with a dynamic duo at the helm. Erica Hosseini, a former professional surfer, model and global traveler, brings her wealth of experiences to the brand. Meanwhile, Frankie Cuda, an entrepreneur hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia, launched his first brand while still in high school. A surfer and world traveler himself, Frankie’s unique perspective enriches Sympl’s creations.


Collabs With Like-Minded Celebs

Minded Celebs
Credit: Sympl

In collaboration with Victoria Vergara, the brand’s latest collection of women’s bags was inspired by Vergara’s ties to luxury fashion. Her connections to prestigious publications like Vogue and her work as a model for brands like Dior heavily influenced the silhouette and style of this collection. “And her connection to surfing influenced the waterproof and stain-resistant materials used for these bags,” says Frankie. “They’re ultra-durable and can easily withstand a long day of travel or a day at the beach.” Vergara not only brought her high-fashion sensibilities to the table but also ensured the designs stayed true to Sympl’s DNA.


Functionality for Every Adventure

Best Outdoor Gear Newport Beach
Credit: Sympl

Although Vergara boasts a background in surfing, these bags are not exclusively for surfers. Designed to cater to everyday and travel needs, these versatile bags effortlessly transition from city streets to sandy shores. The waterproof and stain-resistant materials we mentioned ensure durability and longevity, making them perfect companions for both urban explorations and outdoor escapades.


Balancing Style and Price

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Credit: Sympl

Positioned in the upper mid-price range, Sympl’s collection strikes the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. Targeting their demographic precisely, the brand offers ultra-high-quality sustainable bags at an accessible price point. The Tote is priced at $149, while the Crossbody comes in at $69—both great prices for a quality bag!


A Commitment to Sustainability

Best Outdoor Gear Newport Beach
Credit: Sympl

At Sympl, sustainability is not just a buzzword—it’s a way of life. The brand’s unwavering commitment to the environment is reflected in every facet of its products. The bags in the new women’s collection are crafted from recycled ocean-bound plastics for both their exterior and interior materials. Even the packaging aligns with sustainability standards—the bags are packaged in recycled and FSC-certified mailer boxes.


A Glimpse Into the Future

Credit: Sympl

With the launch of the Vergara collection, Sympl sets the stage for an exciting future. Additional colorways for both the Tote and Crossbody bags are on the horizon, offering customers even more choices that match the aesthetic of the original collection. Moreover, the brand is gearing up to introduce new products that seamlessly align with the Vergara Collection’s ethos.

“Beyond bags and sleeves, later this year we are launching a collection of gender-neutral accessories like laptop sleeves!” says Frankie. These accessories promise to capture the brand’s essence of style, sustainability and functionality.

In a world where style meets substance, Sympl is making waves—not only with its designs but with its resolute commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future. Explore the collection today and become part of a movement that blends fashion, adventure and environmental consciousness in perfect harmony.


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