US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Timothy Kwon
US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Timothy Kwon

10 Things to Experience in Huntington Beach During the 2023 US Open of Surfing

With the World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker and a Margarita-Mobile, You’re In for a Good Time in Huntington Beach This Year

The US Open of Surfing is one of Orange County’s biggest annual events, drawing people from all over for an epic weekend of surf, sun and entertainment. Crowds mob to the beach for the festivities, filling up bleachers on the sand, meandering through the shops and booths, taking in the sights and sounds of surf, skate, music and motors. This year, the 2023 US Open of Surfing will take place July 29-August 6 and is likely to be bigger and better than ever. Whether or not surfing is your thing, it’s a cultural event you won’t want to miss! Here are 9 things to experience this year in Surf City, USA.


World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker

US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Mike Schwarz

What do whisky and surfers have in common? They both love to get barrelled. This year, Monkey Shoulder will be rolling into the US Open of Surfing with their premium Scotch whiskey, serving signature cocktails out of the world’s largest cocktail shaker. Mounted on the back of a cement truck, this 2,400-gallon shaker will be filled with their signature cocktail. At Monkey Shoulder, they’re all about fun, believing the cocktail experience should be playful. What better place to showcase this spirit than at Orange County’s biggest surfing competition? You know where to find us.


Milagro Margarita-Mobile

US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Timothy Kwon

A day on the beach just isn’t quite complete without a margarita, and that’s especially true when you’re soaking up the high-octane fun of the US Open of Surfing. Milagro Tequila will have their Margarita-Mobile at the Open, serving up delicious Milagro margaritas. Try the classic Freshest Marg with fresh squeezed lime and agave or the watermelon margarita. If you like it spicy, they’ve also got a spicy marg that’s the perfect balance of hot and refreshing!


Air Force Flyover

Credit: James Lewis

Huntington Beach is no stranger to Air Force flyovers, and these never get old! There is something so exhilarating about feeling the power of an Air Force jet boom in your chest as it blazes overhead. Be sure to get down to the US Open on July 29 for opening day festivities, which includes seeing this military marvel in person. There will be so much to do and see at the US Open, but this is something you really don’t want to miss.


Nitro Circus’ ‘Full Throttle FMX’ on July 29 and August 5

Credit: Freddie

Nitro Circus inspired a generation to love motocross and action sports with their much-loved TV show back in the late 2000s. They have become a leader in sports and entertainment, touring the world to amaze and inspire kids and adults alike. This year, they’re bringing Freestyle Motocross to the 2023 US Open of Surfing. This brand-new addition to the weekend lineup will be a thrilling, heart-pumping feat of adrenaline and skill. If the surfers aren’t careful, Nitro Circus might just steal the show this year!


Food Trucks

Credit: Tai’s Captures

When hundreds of thousands of people are swarming the beach for a free weekend of entertainment, there are few things more important than choosing where to grab some grub. Huntington Beach has countless eateries, but the US Open is practically a city of its own, so the more the merrier. The food truck craze will be alive and well during the event, so you can be sure that Orange County’s favorite food trucks will show up. Some of this year’s eats include Tacos 4 Troops, Baby’s Badass Burgers, The Empanada Maker and Scooters Italian Ice! Arrive early to scout out which trucks you’ll be hitting up for those midday bites.


DJs and Live Music

Credit: Marcela Laskoski

Picture this: surfers and crowd-surfers vibing together under the Southern California sun with drinks in hand. The great thing about the US Open of Surfing is that it isn’t just about surfing; it’s an all-encompassing two-weekend lineup of entertainment packed with sports, demos, giveaways and music that bring both the community and out-of-town visitors together. The live music has often been one of the biggest highlights of the event with big-name DJs and rock bands heading up the stage to groove with wave after wave of the partying masses. 


Athlete Signings

Credit: Kanaka Rastamon

If you want to surf, you don’t need a team, a coach or tons of gear. At the end of the day, you just need a board and a wave. This also means that surf pros are often super down-to-earth and approachable. At the US Open, there will be signing booths where you can meet your favorite surfers. Bring your notebook and get a signature from a future US Open winner! Who knows—you might just share a wave with them one day.



Live Art

During the US Open of Surfing, sensational artist Victoria White will have an activation on the beach to showcase her art to the public. She is most recognized for her larger-than-life monochromatic portraits of iconic figures who inspire her—these include other artists, musicians, actors and athletes. Additionally, White will create a live painting each Saturday of the event (July 29 and August 5) in the VIP area as well as on the live stage.


Tacos and Margs at Avila’s El Ranchito

US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Ed Visions

Avila’s El Ranchito might just be the best sit-down Mexican restaurant in Orange County. Founded locally and family-owned and -operated for nearly 60 years, Avila’s is the place to go if you want to live out the SoCal lifestyle with tacos and margs. Located towards the back end of the busy part of Main St in Huntington Beach, this restaurant is the perfect place to pop in for a quick bite or relax with a big party for some chips, salsa and chingolingas (shredded chicken in a puff pastry). Plus, nothing says fun in the sun like authentic Mexican food and tequila.


Stay Cool With a Banzai Bowl

US Open of Surfing Activities
Credit: Banzai Bowl

Banzai Bowl serves up the quintessential acai bowl. The Shark’s Cove, a local favorite, has acai, bananas and strawberries with your choice of hemp milk or apple juice, topped with granola, bananas, strawberries and honey. While there are a number of OC locations, the Huntington Beach location is just a few blocks from the sand. The bowls are so fresh, so tasty and will give you the fuel that you need to cheer on the winner of the US Open as they ride that last wave to shore.


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